Outdoor Games

If you have more than 6 players in your group, you can book a private game online by selecting the Outdoor Mystery Games – 7+ Players option on our booking page. You get to select any date or time on the calendar that works for you. Otherwise, we have daily public games running every 30 minutes, 7 days a week, 362 days per year – sign up your team of 2 t0 6 players and compete against other teams for the top score.

Private games up to 48 players compete in teams (max 8 teams, max team size 6 players). Form your teams and come up with team names ahead of time to get the competitive spirit building.

Private games of more than 8 teams compete in a Mega Mystery – more than one game is played simultaneously and teams from both games compete against each other for the highest score. So much FUN for up to 192 players simultaneously!

Virtual Games

Book a private virtual mystery game for up to 200 players (max team size: 10 players). Larger groups can play in different rooms simultaneously.

Vancuver Team Building
Fun teambuilding! Our team won the game! It was truly a team-effort. The games accomplished the objective, it brought the strength out of the team players and made us work together well.
Claire C
I was looking for a fun team event for our department, and didn’t want to fall in to the same old bowling or golf. I was not disappointed! Vancouver Mysteries was so fun to work with – planning a date and time and the game we wanted to play was done with ease. We broke in to 3 groups for our 15 players and spent the afternoon laughing, figuring out puzzles and exploring some of downtown Vancouver. I will totally do this again with friends. Vancouver Mysteries would be great for any stag/stagette, team event, corporate group event or even just grab a friend and join a team! This is outdoors and although it isn’t awesome to be in the rain all the time I still posted this as a rainy day activity as you can do it rain or shine – just bring an umbrella – I think it would add to the excitement and theatrics of the game!
Erin O, Tripadvisor

Virtual Game Night

Join the circus, complete challenges and solve a mystery! This game is fully-hosted by a Vancouver Mysteries Ringmaster, who guides your team(s) through 6 circus acts that will get you out of your seats and howling with laughter (like a werewolf?). Book the game and invite your friends and let us do the rest!

Murder Mystery

This is a fully-hosted role-playing game experience for 6 to 12 players. Unlike our other virtual games, this is not a team effort and there are no puzzles to solve. Instead, players try to outwit each other and form alliances while they solve a mystery – it’s every pirate for themselves! Can you solve the murder before your friends make you walk the plank?

Trivia Game Show

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show? Here’s your chance! Host a virtual game night for 6 to 300 of your friends or coworkers. Super Trivia is an interactive, multimedia trivia game with many mystery-themed categories to choose from. A live game show host will meet you online to put you into teams, run your game and keep score.