4 Outdoor Adventure Games in Downtown Vancouver + 1 Game Just for Kids

Vancouver Mysteries has outdoor adventure games running every 30 minutes every day in downtown Vancouver – we are the original adventure city with for games to choose from, including an easier version of our superhero-themed game just for groups with younger kids! Do you want to be detectives, spies, superheroes or ghost hunters? Sign your team up here to compete against other teams for the top score or book a private outdoor game for you and your friends. We also have an indoor mystery experience, portable games for your special event or book a virtual game and invite your guests to meet you online.

Heroes & Villains Family Version

Superhero Adventure

Superhero quest Heroes & Villains’ game route takes players around the Vancouver Convention Centre and into Coal Harbour, including part of the seawall.

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FAMILY ACTIVITIES ALERT: Superhero Families Wanted!

Can your family help us stop the Muck Monster? She’s learned to harness the power of mother nature and only your superhero family can stop her.

Use Your Superpowers to Save the Planet

Team up with your superhero family to save the planet in one of the newest family activities in Vancouver. Muck Monster’s evil plans to take over the world start right here – she is determined to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world – at any cost.

You’ll explore the downtown Vancouver waterfront, finding clues and solving puzzles. Your goal is to find her secret hideout, discover her secret identity and stop her attack!

So use your superhero powers for good and save the planet on a heroic family adventure!

Daily Games

Check our schedule for games and sign up your team of 2-5 players to compete against other teams in the same Amazing Race style as our popular Mystery Nights and Valentine’s Day competition.

Private Games

Play whenever you like with a private game. Our Game Operator will meet you at our top secret location to start your game.

The minimum size for private games is 11 players, divided into teams of up to 5 players each with at least one grown up per team.

Got a group of adults?

Find out about Heroes and Villains Adult Version here. This game is also suitable for older kids ages 12 and up. (Yes, it’s more challenging!)

Special Events

We schedule special Heroes & Villains Family Version games throughout the year – check our blog for announcements or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Super Facts

  • Price: $35 per player.
  • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes (depending on your superpowers!). Allow up to 2 hours for larger groups.
  • Location: Coal Harbour – Look for an email from [email protected] with your secret start location and further game instructions after you book a game.
  • All Ages: Perfect for families with children aged 8 to 11 years old. (Players under 6 years old can be superheroes for free – up to 3 super sidekicks per team.)
  • One Grown Up Per Team: to play Heroes & Villains Family Version you need at least one adult to accompany each team of superhero kids (maximum team size is 5 players).
  • Level of Difficulty: Adults will find this game very easy, kids may find it challenging – your whole family will need to work together to stop the Muck Monster.
The girls received individualized “super powers” and a hero kit for them to work as a team, follow instructions and explore the city. I would recommend this experience for youth groups, families and event groups new to the city!
We had no idea what to expect and yet Vancouver Mysteries still blew away all expectations! So much fun! I’m really impressed by how creative the different activities were. I highly recommend this if you love a challenge, or just a new experience!