Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update From Vancouver Mysteries – As of June 15 2021, recreational travel within BC, outdoor teams sports and organized gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed, allowing Vancouver Mysteries to resume regular operations with multiple teams competing in the same outdoor game at the same time ( Gather in teams with friends and compete against each other for the top score. More details in our COVID-19 Safety Plan. British Columbians: book an outdoor game here. We also have a mystery game we can deliver to your venue anywhere in the Lower Mainland for up to 50 players.




Our Terms and Conditions include info about game time, team sizes, minors, payment, waivers, cancellations/refunds and weather conditions. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS [updated January 13, 2021]

Customer Responsibilities These recommendations are based on the BC Restart plan and Public Health Orders and may change over time if new orders, rules or guidelines are released. When booking a Vancouver Mysteries game, we ask our customers to follow the same rules as our employees:

  • Keep 2 metres of physical distance from those who are outside your bubble and limit your time together.
  • Take extra precautions for those at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19, including older people and those with chronic health conditions.
  • Stay at home when you have cold or flu symptoms.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Consider using a non-medical mask or face covering.

Update November 24, 2020 – As outlined in the mask mandate order, masks are required for everyone* in many public indoor settings. A face shield is not a substitute for a mask as it has an opening below the mouth. (Some exceptions apply, refer to order.)

We reserve the right to cancel a game if the players are not following BC Restart guidelines or Public Health Orders, no refunds. For more information about changes to game operation please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Meeting point After you have booked your game, you will receive an email with instructions and the secret location of your game (either a real-life meeting point or a link to a Zoom room, depending on what game you are playing). Please check your junk or spam folder before you contact us to re-send.

Maximum Game Time Your booking is for a specific time slot – plan to arrive 5 minutes early ready to play. This timeslot includes the game introduction, score calculations and game ending. It may also include signing of waivers, attendance and/or payment transactions if these are not completed before your time slot begins. If you arrive late you will have less time to play. Outdoor games and Portable Games: 2 hours, Virtual Games: 60 minutes (Trivia Night, the Funlympics) or 2 hours (Project Pegasus). Actual game duration varies by group/team, depending on the degree of mobility, team dynamics/skills, and the size of the group. Please allow for the maximum game time if you are scheduling other activities.

Missing/Damaged or Late Return of Game Materials: All players must return the game kits within the time limit. Late returns disrupt other games. Late charges apply for outdoor games ($70 per game kit). Missing or damaged kits will be charged to the organizer ($300 per outdoor kit, $2000 for full replacement of portable game equipment).

Team Size Games that exceed the maximum team size will be divided into teams and each team will be provided with a game kit. Outdoor Gamesmaximum team size is 5-6 players. Examples: a game of 6 players plays together as 1 team. A game of 8 players is divided into 2 teams of 4 players each; a game of 30 players is 5 teams of 6 players each. Teams are asked to physically distance from other teams during the entire game. You can request additional teams if you require them to maintain physical distancing between bubbles ($15 additional charge per game kit). Pop Up Mysteries are restricted to 10 players per game and they must all be from the same bubble because it is not possible to maintain physical distancing during play. If more teams are required for physical distancing, multiple games can be played simultaneously. Portable Games: this game does not allow for physical distancing. Players gather around the evidence at a table so they must be in the same household/core bubble. Multiple games can be run simultaneously with physical distancing between tables.

Game size Outdoor Gamesaccommodates a maximum of 36 players (6 teams of 6 players each). Larger bookings of more than 10 players are the same price per player, but may include a pre-game competition as teams compete for the starting order plus the options to customize your game (contact us for details). If you prefer this version, book a game for at least 11 players (11 players not required to play, they just have to pay). Portable Games: up to 30 players can play (5 teams of 6 players each). Virtual Games: no limits, however games will be divided into separate Zoom rooms (maximum 40 players). 

Age restrictions Outdoor Games: a Parent/Guardian must accompany each team of participants under the age of 16 – every team must have one adult. Portable Games and Virtual Games: a Parent/Guardian must be in the room and coordinate with the Game Operator via Zoom during games with participants under the age of 16. You know your kids best but here are our general guidelines. Heroes & Villians: ages 8 and up. Crime in Downtown, Heroes & Villains, Secret Mission: ages 12 and up. The Case of the Hotel Detective and Virtual Games: ages 14 and up. Younger children often enjoy the games when they are teamed up with adults and/or older siblings.  

Game Operators All games come with at least one Game Operator. Outdoor Games and Portable Games: Game Operators will guide you through contactless pick up and drop off of game kits. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions you agree to follow their instructions and maintain physical distancing. Portable Games: include two Game Operators – one who is present for your entire game via Zoom and one who delivers the games via contactless pick up and drop off. Virtual Games:are fully hosted by a Game Operator (they are present for the entire game).

Times All times are in the Pacific Time Zone (Vancouver BC) UTC/GMT -8 hours

Prices All prices quoted are subject to availability and in Canadian dollars. Prices that are quoted do not include taxes. Gratuities are kindly accepted.

Payment Outdoor Games – Choose from the dates and times available for games up to 10 players and watch for an email with further instructions – it’s all automated! We hope you will pay online to help us keep our games contactless – look for a link in your bookng confirmation. Paying separately? Ask your friends to email [email protected] with your game date and time and the number of players they want to pay for and we’ll send them a link to pay online. Or arrive early and pay by tap at the game (no swiping, no cash). More than 10 players? Pick any date and time that works for you and make your booking request. Once we accept the booking, you will receive an email with a request to pay. Payment of a deposit secures your spot on our calendar. Full payment is due before your game time. Portable Games – Request your booking and watch for a confirmation by email with a request for a payment of $250. This is the cost of a 5 player game. If you have more than 5 players or your game is more than 5km away from our office, it acts as a deposit and will secure your spot on our calendar – we will check in with you for your final numbers closer to game day and collect the balance then. The balance is due 24 hours before your game time, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your booking and give your time slot to another group. Virtual Games –  Request your booking and watch for a confirmation by email with a request for payment of a 50% deposit to secure your spot. Confirmation of number of players and full payment due 4 days before the game. If the booking is made within 4 business days the entire amount is due instead.

Waivers We are not responsible for illness or injury of players during a game. Players are required to sign a liability release form (waiver) before the game start. The game organizer will receive an email with a link to the digital waivers – please share this with every player. Parents/Guardians are required to sign the release on behalf of participants of minor age (under age 19) and a Parent/Guardian must accompany each team of participants under the age of 16. Groups of minors and private bookings: we can also send you waivers to print out and sign at your request. If you are booking a game for a group of minors it is your responsibility to inform us and get the waivers signed. If waivers are not signed 24 hours before game time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

Cancellation Policy Outdoor games, Portable Games: In response to COVID-19 we have temporarily changed our cancellation policy so you can cancel right up to your game time. In return, we hope you will choose to reschedule rather than ask for a refund. If you don’t notify us before your game time we will have a Game Operator there waiting for you and will keep your payment. Note: this special policy does not apply to our Virtual Games: cancel a game up to 5 days before the booking or the game providers will keep your payment (no charge to reschedule or postpone a game once up to 48 hours before the booking).

Weather and conditions Outdoor games operate rain or shine – please dress appropriately for the weather. One umbrella per team is highly recommended on days with a chance of rain. If there are any connectivity/connection issues a refund may only be offered if it’s deemed to be the hosts internet connection.

Other notes Please bring your reading glasses if you will need them to see the clues. Please note that game routes for outdoor games cover approximately 2.5km. While the game is not strenuous, walking is involved and players will be on their feet for the duration of the game. Players are responsible for making sure they are able to complete the game. Please dress appropriately for walking this distance and for the weather. Participants of Pop Up Mysteries are also responsible to follow any guidelines or rules communicated by the venue.

Notice something wrong? We appreciate your detective skills and we’re listening! Please contact us.

*Note: you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions during the booking process. Our Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. In the case where there is a discrepancy between the information provided on this page and the information provided when you book online, the version of our Terms and Conditions in our booking platform will always be the most up-to-date. Notice something wrong? We appreciate your detective skills and we’re listening! Please contact us.