4 Outdoor Adventure Games in Downtown Vancouver + 1 Game Just for Kids

Vancouver Mysteries has outdoor adventure games running every 30 minutes every day in downtown Vancouver – we are the original adventure city with for games to choose from, including an easier version of our superhero-themed game just for groups with younger kids! Do you want to be detectives, spies, superheroes or ghost hunters? Sign your team up here to compete against other teams for the top score or book a private outdoor game for you and your friends. We also have an indoor mystery experience, portable games for your special event or book a virtual game and invite your guests to meet you online.

Crime in Downtown

Murder Mystery

Crime in Downtown is an outdoor murder mystery played along the streets of Gastown.

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The Detective Challenge

Your team has passed the rigorous physical exams and you have excellent performance records. Now, we’re here to see if you have what it takes to work homicide in the big city.

Who Killed Jimmy?

Jimmy Capello was stabbed, poisoned, and strangled. Who did it? Why? Work your way through Gastown, picking up clues along the way and then report back. Extra points with the Police Chief if you can hand in your police report in under 90 minutes.

Solve the murder and earn your detective badge.

Does your team have what it takes to solve this cold case murder on the streets of Gastown? 

Just the Facts, Ma’am

  • Price: $35 per player
  • Location: Gastown – Look for an email from [email protected] with your secret start location and further game instructions after you book a game.
  • Duration: up to 2 hours depending on your detective skills and sense of urgency.
  • Games of 2 to 48 players (also can be part of a Mega Mystery – which accommodates up to 192 players).
  • Level of Difficulty – Intermediate: you might not solve the murder, but you’ll still walk away with your detective badge.
Great way to spend time with friends and getting to know some of the areas of the city. Be prepared to think outside the box to uncover puzzles, codes, and other fun activities!!! It’s like a live game of Clue!
5 star rating on TripAdvisorHappy Kat74
It was like being in an old detective movie, but in living colour. I’m originally from Vancouver and was surprised at how this game made me pay attention to the little things in the historic centre (that I’d passed dozens of times without previously thinking about).
5 star rating on TripAdvisorChad T