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Stop the Muck Monster

Muck Monster and her gang have learned how to harness the power of mother nature!

Use Your Superpowers to Save the Planet

Team up with your best superhero friends to save the planet. Muck Monster’s evil plans to take over the world start right here – she is determined to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world – at any cost.

Find her secret hideout, discover her secret identity, and stop her attacks.

Use your super powers for good and save the planet on a heroic adventure with your super friends.

Super Facts

  • Price: $32 per player.
  • Location: downtown Vancouver – game starts and ends near Waterfront Station.
  • Games of 2 to 40 players (also can be part of a Mega Mystery – which accommodates up to 120 players).
  • Duration: up to 1.5 hours depending on your skills and sense of urgency. (Don’t forget to use your superpowers!)
  • Level of Difficulty – unrated, the scientists at our lab are still collecting data.
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Agent X
You’ll never stop me! I am the Muck Monster! MWA ha ha HA ha. Ha.
Muck Monster