A Murder Mystery Party with Escape Room Style Challenges


Vancouver Mysteries brings a murder mystery with escape room style challenges to your office, home, hotel suite or other venue when you book The Case of the Hotel Detective.

Contactless Delivery for Your Game Night

Our Game Operator arrives in character as a 1980s detective to bring you the evidence and ask for your help.

Can You Solve the Murder?

Interactive, Cooperative Play

A Vancouver Mysteries detective interacts with players  and is present for the entire game as players work together to solve the murder. Gather around the evidence and work as a team to look for clues, complete challenges and collect points. You have 90 minutes to solve the mystery.  Need help? Ask the Game Operator for a “Hot Tip” but be warned it will cost you! Like all Vancouver Mysteries games, perfect scores are rare but the success rate is high and each team gets a certificate at the end of game. 

This is not your classic ‘murder mystery party’ where characters are assigned to the players and they need to mingle and chat to find out clues  – it’s a murder mystery party game with escape room style challenges (real locked boxes, puzzles, devices, clues are delivered to you in two suitcases). It’s more like a portable escape room than a scavenger hunt or a mystery in a box.

You are a real detective – you even have the card to prove it. You’re a member of the Private Investigator League, the best crew in the Pacific Northwest.

So, when the league’s president Joey Lee is found dead in a hotel room, every member is on the case. You and your team have 90 minutes with the evidence before the murder is discovered by hotel staff and the police are on their way.

Can you solve the murder?

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Unlike other Vancouver Mysteries games, this game can be played INDOORS and takes place ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE.

Some restrictions and additional charges apply based on the number of Game Operators required and the distance from Vancouver Mysteries Headquarters. 

Questions? Call us at 778-707-1962.


Watch for special events – Vancouver Mysteries partners with venues to offer Pop-Up Mysteries at various locations. Book online, then watch for further instructions by email, including the secret start location and a mysterious code required to activate your mystery. Subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear about special events.

  • These events may be 19+.
  • Game size and prices vary.
  • Specific dates, times and secret location.
  • Tickets may include food, beverages and/or venue admission.

Vancouver Mysteries is easy to work with and coordinates with event planners, hotels, restaurants and other venues to stage Pop Up Mysteries. So far the farthest this game has travelled is Whistler and Chilliwack! Contact our Experience Team for more info: 778-707-19612 or [email protected].

I know you will all want to help catch our buddy Joey Lee’s killer!

Larry Paludo, P.I.
Had such a fantastic night playing this, They came to our office and dropped off the Case, followed all Covid procedures and they were very professional. Highly recommend this company for a great night of team building and many laughs. Definitely recommend to anyone!!

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