Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update From Vancouver Mysteries – Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made changes to some of our policies, which may affect the services we provide. Spy game Secret Mission’s game route is outside on the streets of downtown Vancouver. You get to decide how many teams you need to maintain physical distancing when you book ($15/extra game kit). All games are private games spaced at least 30 minutes apart. For more information visit our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Secret Mission

Spy Game

Secret Agents needed

We have intercepted a coded message from a dangerous organization known only as BLACKOUT. They are plotting to destroy Vancouver! We need secret agents to follow their trail across downtown Vancouver and bring their leaders to justice.

The mission

Your mission is simple: save your city. You have two hours. Vancouver’s future is now in your hands. Good luck agents.

Mission Intelligence

  • Price: $35 per player
  • Duration: up to 2 hours depending on your spy skills and sense of urgency.
  • Location: downtown Vancouver – Look for an email from [email protected] with your secret start location and further game instructions after you book a game.
  • Games of 2 to 40 players (also can be part of a Mega Mystery – which accommodates up to 120 players).
  • Level of Difficulty – Intermediate: Vancouver is still here, right? So far, so good!
Great City Adventure. We simply loved it. The challenges were not too easy and not too tough. Even our friend from Vancouver loved it – so it’s not only a tourist thing to do. Do it!
Sabine L
Vancouver Mysteries put together an amazingly fun experience for my friends and I. You get to run around Vancouver figuring out thought-provoking clues and you learn more about the city along the way. My friends and I really enjoyed ourselves and I’m sure you would too!
Alexander S