Mystery games! You might be wondering, ‘How does it work?’


If you’ve played an escape room game before you already know what to do – you book your game online and then show up at the address provided to play and follow the instructions. The main difference is that most Vancouver Mysteries games are played outdoors and the play area covers approximately 2km instead of a locked room. Note: we also have a pop-up mystery game that we can bring to any location. It is like a portable escape room or table top escape room but it is still 100% a Vancouver Mysteries experience, with Vancouver Mysteries Game Operators and a game certificate at the end of the game. And we have virtual games – where you meet us online in a Zoom room.


Virtual games are very easy – once you’ve paid for your booking, we will send you an invitation to share with all of your guests (including a link to your online game). You just have to show up and we do the rest!

What if I Have Questions?

Check out our list of frequently asked questions about Vancouver Mysteries games.

The Experience Manager is available on the Mystery Hotline (778-707-1962) or by email ([email protected]) to help you arrange your game and the Game Operators meet you at the game start.