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Is there a promo code I can use?2019-03-25T09:16:19-07:00

Use promo code 2019MYSTERY468 to save 10%* when you sign up your team(s) for Mystery Nights.

This special event is happening every night at 7pm from April 20 to March 31 2019.

*Offer expires midnight March 31st. If you sign up after March 31st, regular prices apply.

Please sign up to our newsletter for announcements about promo codes in the future.

For information about our group rates, visit our Which Game is Right For You? page.

What are your Terms & Conditions?2018-08-30T18:00:29-07:00

Here are our Terms and Conditions*

Meeting point

You will receive an email with instructions, surveillance photos, and a map showing the secret location of your game start-point.

Start time

Your game leader will be waiting for you at the secret location. Your investigation starts promptly. We don’t want you to miss your briefing. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for check-in.

Team Size

Games of 6 or more players are divided into teams. Our maximum team size is 5 players. Examples: a game of 6 is 2 teams of 3 players each; a game of 30 players is 6 teams of 5 players each.

What to bring?

Our games take place outside and cover approximately 2.5km, so please dress appropriately for walking this distance, and for the weather. Please bring your reading glasses if you will need them to see the clues.

Weather and conditions

Our games operate rain or shine – please dress appropriately for the weather. One umbrella per team is highly recommended on days with a chance of rain.


Game duration varies by team, and games can last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Depending on the degree of mobility and detective/spy skills of the players in each team, it may take a little longer. Please bear this in mind when planning the rest of your day. Please allow for at least 2 hours’ game time when scheduling your day.


All prices quoted are subject to availability. Prices that are quoted do not include taxes or fees. Gratuities are kindly accepted.

Refund policy

Our cancellation policy is a full refund with at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise we are unable to offer a refund.

Other notes

Please note that the game includes a walk of approximately 2.5km.

While the game is not strenuous, walking is involved and players will be on their feet for the duration of the game. Players are responsible for making sure they are able to complete the game.

We are not responsible for illness or injury of players during a game. Players are required to sign a liability release form before the game start. Parents/Guardians are required to sign the release on behalf of participants of minor age (under age 19) and a Parent/Guardian must accompany each team of participants under the age of 16.

*Our Terms and Conditions change from time to time, if there is a different version accepted when you book online, the version of our Terms and Conditions in our booking platform will always be the most up to date. Questions? We’re listening! Please contact us.

How long does a game last?2018-01-24T15:57:18-07:00

Game duration varies by team. Games can last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the degree of mobility and detective or spy skills of the players in each team. We recommend allowing for 2 hours’ game time when planning your day.

What is your cancellation policy?2018-01-24T15:54:32-07:00

Our cancellation policy is a full refund with at least 24 hours notice before your game’s start time. Otherwise, we are unable to offer a refund.

Do we need a phone to solve the mystery?2018-01-24T15:51:56-07:00

We recommend having one cell phone on each team in case of an emergency, but our games are a wireless experience. Unplug and enjoy yourself!

I have a group of 6 players. Can we play as one team?2018-01-24T15:59:07-07:00

Groups of 6 or more players are divided into teams. Our games are designed to have a maximum of 5 players per team. This way, each player has an opportunity to actively participate with the game materials. It also prevents congestion on sidewalks and other stops along the route.

Do we need to bring anything?2018-01-24T15:43:12-07:00

We provide everything you need to solve the mystery. However, our games do take place outside and cover 2 – 2.5 km. Please dress appropriately for walking and for the weather. Be sure to bring your reading glasses if you require them to see the clues.

What if our number of players changes?2018-01-24T15:25:12-07:00

You can adjust the number of players up to 24 hours before your game time if necessary – we are very flexible. Please note that our minimum for a 2-5 player single team game is 2 players and our minimum for private games is 6 players.


Are games weather dependent?2018-01-21T13:23:52-07:00

Our games operate rain or shine. One umbrella per team is highly recommended on days with a chance of rain. Please dress for the weather and for a 2 – 2.5 km walk.

If you look at the weather forecast and change your mind about your booking, our cancellation policy is a 100% refund with 24 hours’ notice from your game’s start time.  In the case of extreme weather conditions on game day we are able to delay or reschedule your game for you.

Can pregnant people play your games?2019-03-07T13:30:16-07:00

We have had pregnant people play our games before with no issues. There are coffee shops and public benches and washrooms along the way if someone needs to rest or take a bathroom break. However, if they are at the point where walking or standing for any length of time is uncomfortable, we would not recommend our games.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?2017-12-22T15:16:55-07:00

Our Gastown murder mystery Crime in Downtown is completely wheelchair accessible.

If you require special accommodations or have any concerns please contact our Experience Manager for assistance.

Do you have bathrooms?2018-01-10T14:45:33-07:00

Because our games take place in public areas on the streets of downtown Vancouver we do not have our own bathroom facilities. However, there are coffee shops and public washrooms along the game route if someone needs a bathroom break.

How much walking is there?2018-01-10T14:48:52-07:00

While the games are not strenuous, walking is involved and players will be on their feet for the duration of the game. There are places to rest and coffee shops along the way, but please be prepared for a 2 – 2.5 km walk or for 1.5 – 2 hours of walking.

Our Gastown murder mystery Crime in Downtown is wheelchair accessible.

Can we play your games outside of downtown Vancouver?2018-01-24T16:07:03-07:00

Unfortunately we aren’t able to transfer games to a different location outside of downtown Vancouver because the games are based on a set map and uses local landmarks and buildings as clues.

However, for private games of 6 or more players you can customize your start and end location to a nearby restaurant, pub, or office as long as it is within a short walking distance of the game route. Please contact our Experience Manager for more details.

Can you shorten your games?2017-12-19T16:14:21-07:00

Our games are designed to last between 1.5 and 2 hours with the story unfolding as the players attempt to solve the mystery.  Unfortunately we cannot remove any part of the story to shorten the game as it will disrupt the mystery and would leave players missing out on clues and answers.

How difficult are your games?2017-12-19T16:09:59-07:00

Our games are designed to be completed in around two hours by the average person. The clues and puzzles involved in each game vary in difficulty, with some easier and some harder. Each team is scored out of 100 points and it’s very rare that a team doesn’t complete the game. It’s also very rare for a team to get everything 100% right, but certainly players of all ability levels can play our games and have a great time!

For younger players we recommend our superhero adventure Heroes and Villains Family. This game is designed for families with children between the ages of 8 and 13 and is the least difficult of our games.

Can we choose our own teams and team names?2018-01-21T13:36:48-07:00

Teams playing Crime in Downtown while disguising themselves with fake mustaches. Yes, you can determine teams and team names before the game to get the competitive spirit building!

Many groups like to choose their teams ahead of time so that they can coordinate costumes or colour-code the separate teams. Dressing up isn’t required, but adding some cheap props from the dollar store can add to the fun! We recommend fake mustaches, fedoras, superhero masks and capes, magnifying glasses, and detective badges for your disguises.

Can we customize our start or end location?2017-12-19T15:37:08-07:00

Yes, private games for 6 or more players can arrange a custom start or end location at a local restaurant, bar, or offices as long as they are nearby.

Email our Experience Manager to make arrangements or to receive a list of nearby restaurants.

Are your games dog friendly?2017-12-19T15:23:05-07:00

Yes, as long as you obey the local bylaws you can absolutely bring your dog to a game. Besides, every superhero team or group of detectives needs a canine sidekick!Family playing game with their dog

Is Vancouver Mysteries a good choice for a stagette?2019-03-18T13:37:45-07:00

Stagette group playing Secret Mission in Downtown Vancouver

Stagettes, Stags, Jack and Jill Parties

Our games are very popular with stagettes, stags and Jack and Jill parties. Vancouver Mysteries games get everyone moving around and working together.

For more information, check out our Bachelorette page

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How Does it Work?2018-01-24T15:27:48-07:00
Do you offer scavenger hunts in downtown Vancouver?2017-05-22T02:15:23-07:00

Standard scavenger hunts are played outside and participants are given a list of objects to collect. We like to think we have taken scavenger hunts to the next level. In a Vancouver Mysteries game, players complete challenges to collect clues while a story unfolds. A game book guides players through the story while a map leads them to parts of downtown Vancouver that even locals are surprised to discover! For more information about how Vancouver Mysteries games work, please visit read the How Does it Work? FAQ.

Are you an escape room?2018-01-24T15:30:14-07:00

Vancouver Mysteries is not an escape room, although we have some similarities. Players complete a series of challenges and collect clues to solve a mystery. However, Vancouver Mysteries take place outside – you are not locked in a room! Games cover approximately 2 km of downtown Vancouver. Players often return to the same escape room to play multiple times before they can escape successfully within the time limit, while most players only play a Vancouver Mysteries game once. Vancouver Mysteries games are scored out of 100 points. The time limit on an escape room game is generally 1 hour. The time limit on a Vancouver Mysteries game is 2 hours. Escape rooms have a maximum capacity, while at Vancouver Mysteries, we can accommodate 2-40 players for one game or up to 120 players for a Mega Mystery!

If you are looking for an indoor event for smaller groups, we definitely recommend escape rooms. The Vancouver Mystery team played an escape room game as a team building activity in 2015 and it was fun! There are many escape rooms all over the lower mainland to choose from, but there is only one Vancouver Mysteries.

If you prefer to play outside, we can accommodate between 2 to 120 players at a time (40 players can play the same game, so a 120 player game would consist of a Mega Mystery of all 3 games running simultaneously). Please visit our How to Play page to see which game is right for you.

Are Vancouver Mysteries games fun for adults?2017-05-22T02:15:23-07:00

Celebrate a special event or activity with a Vancouver Mysteries game.

Team Building

Fun teambuilding! Our team won the game! It was truly a team-effort. The games accomplished the objective, it brought the strength out of the team players and made us work together well.
Claire C, Tripadvisor

Birthday Parties

We booked a private game for our group of 8 friends visiting Vancouver for my fiance’s 30th birthday. It was so fun! The puzzles are challenging without being frustrating and could work to include a range of ages in your group. We did Crime in Downtown and got a great feel for the area while solving our crime as well as learning a bit about the history of gastown. Our coordinator was great and we really had the best time. I would recommend this for almost anyone! Well worth the $.
Joslyn M, Tripadvisor


I organized the Crime in Downtown game for my friend’s stagette party this past weekend and it was super fun! Our group split into two teams and we had such a great time solving the riddles and figuring out the answers to the clues. The game takes you all around Gastown and it’s very cleverly done.
Allison B, Tripadvisor
Can I book a large private game?2017-05-22T02:15:23-07:00

If you have more than 5 players in your group, you can book online by selecting the Private Game option on our booking page. You get to select any date or time on the calendar that works for you and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Private games up to 40 players compete in teams – the maximum team size is 5 players. Form your teams and come up with team names ahead of time to get the competitive spirit building or the Game Operator can randomly determine your teams when you arrive – it’s up to you.

Private games of more than 40 players compete in a Mega Mystery – more than one game is played simultaneously and teams from both games compete against each other for the highest score.

We can accommodate up to 120 players in a private game.

Fun teambuilding! Our team won the game! It was truly a team-effort. The games accomplished the objective, it brought the strength out of the team players and made us work together well.
Claire C
I was looking for a fun team event for our department, and didn’t want to fall in to the same old bowling or golf. I was not disappointed! Vancouver Mysteries was so fun to work with – planning a date and time and the game we wanted to play was done with ease. We broke in to 3 groups for our 15 players and spent the afternoon laughing, figuring out puzzles and exploring some of downtown Vancouver. I will totally do this again with friends. Vancouver Mysteries would be great for any stag/stagette, team event, corporate group event or even just grab a friend and join a team! This is outdoors and although it isn’t awesome to be in the rain all the time I still posted this as a rainy day activity as you can do it rain or shine – just bring an umbrella – I think it would add to the excitement and theatrics of the game!
Erin O, Tripadvisor
Can small groups play Vancouver Mystery games?2018-01-24T16:09:01-07:00

You only need 2 players to play a Vancouver Mysteries game!

We have games for 2-5 players available every 30 minutes throughout the day – check our calendar for availability.

Date Night

Avoid the awkward small talk of a first date by solving a murder together, or try something different for date night by playing our spy game (followed by martinis, of course!).

Visiting Vancouver?

The route of each game is carefully designed to pay homage to Vancouver history, architecture and culture as players explore an exciting fictional world. By the end of the game you will know the city better than some locals. Maps provided.

It was fun. Easy to book. Great date night surprise. Highly recommend.
Had a great time exploring Vancouver; it was an awesome way to see more of the city without having some droning tour guide explain it.
Are the games suitable for children?2017-05-22T02:15:24-07:00

Children aged 8 – 13

Heroes & Villains Family Version is perfect for families with children aged 8 – 13. At least one adult is needed for each team of children. The game is designed for adults and children to play together.

Young adults

Young adults aged 14+ can play any of our games.

Please do note our murder mystery, Crime in Downtown, includes mature subject matter (murder, blackmail, infidelity, gambling). Please check in with us about the game content if you need more information to decide if you are comfortable with the subject matter for your children.

Each team of children must be accompanied by one adult (at least 19 years old). If the adult is not playing the game, they can accompany a team of 5 children or young adults for free.

Teams of young adults (16-18 year olds) can play alone if their parents or guardians provide documented permission in advance. Please contact us to inquire about field trips or other large groups of young adults.

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We enjoyed this adventure from beginning to end. It was so much fun and there was an incredible amount of effort put into planning this event. We had a group of 9-12 yr olds on a WET Vancouver night and we loved every minute! Can’t wait to do this again!
Ollejules, TripAdvisor
Where do the games start and end?2016-05-22T16:49:44-07:00

The games all start and end in downtown Vancouver, within a short walk from Waterfront Station. Precise start points vary depending on the time of day, size of the group and chosen game. When you sign up, we will provide you with detailed instructions on where to meet. If you book a large private game we can also start or end the game at a hotel, restaurant, convention center, or your offices – as long as they are nearby. If you are interested in a customized start or end location, please ask our Experience Manager about options.

How much does it cost?2019-01-15T12:17:10-07:00

The price for all games is $32/player plus fees and taxes – this includes our daily games, private games and our Mystery Nights. We also have group rates.

How do the games work?2019-08-13T14:07:57-07:00

The games are played in teams of up to 5 players – one team can play alone in our daily games (every 15 minutes, 7 days a week) or multiple teams can compete against each other in our Mystery Nights or in a private game. Each team gets a game kit with everything they need to play the game: tools, a map, and a game book. Each team works their way through the game book, completing challenges and collecting clues along the way. The objective is to solve the mystery using the clues. Points are also earned by completing the game with a 90 minute time limit or – in multi-team games – being one of the first teams back. More info here.

What is Vancouver Mysteries?2018-01-21T15:25:06-07:00

Vancouver Mysteries runs themed mystery games on the streets of downtown Vancouver. In a Vancouver Mysteries game you and your friends are the heroes of your very own adventure! You’ll navigate from location to location as you find clues, complete challenges, and solve the mystery. We supply the kit, you solve the mystery.