Meet Your Friends Online

All aboard the Black Skull! Can you solve the murder before someone makes YOU walk the plank? 

A Fully-Hosted Role-Playing Murder Mystery

Book a virtual murder mystery online for 6 to 12 players and we’ll send you everything you need to play, including an invitation to share with your guests. A Vancouver Mysteries Game Operator will meet you at game time, explain the rules and start the story. You have 90 minutes of game time aboard the Black Skull, but time slots are for two hours so we can get you set up to play and then calculate scores (and declare a winner!) at the end. The Ghost of the Cabin Boy is all-seeing and there for your entire game.

Unlike our other mystery games, this is a role-playing game. You are not solving puzzles or answering trivia questions, you are playing the game in character. Each character has a back story and their own set of objectives to achieve by the end of the game. One character is the murderer – but many other characters may be murdered during the game, so be careful!

This is a private virtual murder mystery game just for you and the people you invite.

Highly Competitive Role Playing Game: This game is a great choice as a virtual team building activity or a friends/family virtual gathering game for smaller groups who are comfortable playing role-playing games and who probably already know each other. Based on the game material and the strategic-thinking required to be a good pirate we have rated this game ages 14 and up. Those under 14 may enjoy this game in a group with mostly older people. For younger groups, we recommend our other virtual party game Big Top Werewolf.


Easy to Book Online. You get to pick the date and time. Book your game here.

Easy to Organize. You play individually, competing for the top score (up to 12 players per game).

  • Book online and watch for your booking confirmation.
  • Larger groups can also play in up to 3 simultaneous games to accommodate up to 36 players total.
  • We will send you an invitation to share with your guests including a link to the game.
  • You can determine the character each player will play ahead of time (we’ll send you a list if you request it). Otherwise, the Game Operator will assign characters randomly at the beginning of the game.

Game Operator Included: Games are fully hosted by a Game Operator who will  guide you through the game and keep score.

Price: $25/player (minimum 6 players). Group rate starts at 21 players.

Game Time: up to 120 minutes (varies by group size and whether teams/categories have been determined in advance)


A Virtual Game for People Playing from Different Locations

Only one player can be at each computer during this game – players in the same household should play from different rooms.

This is an exclusive game only available at Vancouver Mysteries – it is not available anywhere else.

zoom trivia games super trivia

Unlike outdoor Vancouver Mysteries games, this virtual mystery game takes place in a Zoom room.

If you want to play outside, we have 4 outdoor games running every half hour, 7 days a week (9 AM – 9 PM). Book here.

PS: Vancouver Mysteries games make great gifts!