A New Mystery Game from Vancouver Mysteries!

The Vancouver Mysteries Circus needs your help! Can you solve the mystery? 

A Zoom Mystery Party for All Ages 

Vancouver Mysteries is thrilled to announce a new zoom mystery party game – Big Top Werewolf. Just like our outdoor games, you compete in teams for the top score. Every challenge will reveal a clue! Can you solve this mystery at the circus?

Unlike our outdoor games, this is a party game with a focus on social fun instead of difficult brainteasers.

This is a private game just for you and the people you invite.

Circus Fun For Everyone: A fun Virtual team building activity, friends/family gatherings online or a birthday party for your kids : we designed Big Top Werewolf to be fun for everyone.

Easy to Book Online. You get to pick the date and time.

Easy to Organize. You can play as one team of up to 6 players racing against the clock or you can play as multiple teams competing for the top score (up to 36 players).

  • Book online and watch for your booking confirmation.
  • We will send you an invitation to share with your guests including a link to the game.

Ringmaster Included: Games are fully hosted by a circus Ringmaster who will divide you into teams, guide you through the experience and keep score.

Price: $25/player (minimum 6 players). Group rates available.

Game Time: 60 minutes

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Mystery Game on Zoom for Large Groups

More than one player can be at one computer, or each player can be playing from their own computer. Games are divided into equal teams at the beginning of the game (examples: a 10 player game would be 2 teams of 5 players each, a 12 player game might be 2 teams of 5 players or 3 teams of 4 players).

This game was designed by Vancouver Mysteries and is not available anywhere else. It was designed in Vancouver BC and your Ringmasters are all locals too – you may recognize them from a Vancouver Mysteries outdoor game, our portable mystery game The Case of the Hotel Detective or special events.


Unlike outdoor Vancouver Mysteries games, this virtual mystery game takes place in a Zoom room.

If you are looking for a virtual murder mystery, check out our Zoom murder mystery game Black Skull.

If you want to play outside, we have 4 outdoor games running every half hour, 7 days a week (9 AM – 9 PM). Book here.

PS: Vancouver Mysteries games make great gifts!