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Is there a minimum team size?

The minimum team size for all Vancouver Mysteries games is two players. You can not purchase less than two tickets for the outdoor mystery games. The virtual and portable games can be played with 2 players but there is a minimum booking fee we require to cover the costs of these games. If you would [...]

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Are Vancouver Mysteries games suitable for children?

Outdoor Games Vancouver Mysteries games take place on the streets of downtown Vancouver. Our Heroes and Villains Family game primarily takes place in plazas, paths and the seawall but the route also includes crossing streets and keeping clear of bike paths. At least one adult must accompany each team. Crime in Downtown is a murder [...]

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How much do your virtual games cost?

Prices for virtual games may vary - please check our book now page for how much each of our virtual games cost. Group rates start at 21 players and we also have a special rate for non profits and schools - contact us for more information.  

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How long are your virtual games?

Virtual game duration depends on the game you choose and group size. We may also be able to customize virtual game length for you. Examples of virtual games with estimated running lengths: 45 Minute Virtual Games We have run 45 minute virtual games by adjusting our games slightly. Please contact us and we will help [...]

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What are the technical requirements to play a virtual game?

All Vancouver Mysteries virtual games require a desktop or laptop computer with: camera and microphone enabled (Windows or Mac. Chromebooks NOT recommended) Zoom installed on device (downloaded version not the web version). Download Zoom here: zoom.us/download. Need help? Here are step-by-step download instructions for mac and here are instructions for pc updated version of Chrome, [...]

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Can I play with friends on different computers?

Our virtual games are set up so you can play with your friends from different computers - each player can play from a different location anywhere in the world. If you want players to compete against each other individually, choose Big Top Werewolf. Up to 6 players can compete against each other from different devices [...]

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What is a virtual mystery game?

Virtual mystery games are very similar to outdoor Vancouver Mysteries games. Instead of meeting an agent at a location in downtown Vancouver, you will meet them online*. Instead of exploring downtown Vancouver while you are solving challenges and collecting clues, you will be exploring virtual locations. Just like the outdoor games: You will write the [...]

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What is a virtual game night?

When you host a game night, you get together and play games, right? Well, now you can host a virtual game night online! Book a Vancouver Mysteries virtual game and we'll send you an invitation to share with your friends including a link to the game, which will take place in a Zoom room. You [...]

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What is a virtual game?

The word virtual means "existing, seen, or happening online or on a computer screen, rather than in person or in the physical world" and that is an accurate description of how Virtual Games work at Vancouver Mysteries (dictionary.com). Note - these games are full hosted by a Game Operator not a computer simulation or AI [...]

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Do Vancouver Mysteries games allow for physical distancing?

Outdoor Games Yes! When you sign up for one of our outdoor games with friends or family you are signing up as a team. Each team gets their own game kit and you will compete against other teams for the top score. You will only be teamed up with the people you signed up with [...]

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How long does the experience last?

Outdoor Games Game time varies by team, depending on the degree of mobility, team dynamics/skills, and the size of the group. Please bear this in mind when planning the rest of your day and allow for at least 2 hours game time if you are scheduling other activities. Your booking is for a two-hour time [...]

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