Outdoor Games

Vancouver Mysteries games take place on the streets of downtown Vancouver. Our Heroes and Villains Family game primarily takes place in plazas, paths and the seawall but the route also includes crossing streets and keeping clear of bike paths. At least one adult must accompany each team.

Crime in Downtown is a murder mystery, Secret Mission is about a plot to destroy the city, Heroes and Villains is about a super villain trying to drown the city (and planet) in rain and jungle. Ghost Patrol subject matter includes murder, religious/superstitious numbers and symbols and fatal accidents. If Vancouver Mysteries outdoor games were movies they would probably get G ratings: there is no mature language, no violence, no nudity, etc. We describe most of our games as fun for ages 12 and up based on the level of difficulty of the puzzles, reading level and subject matter.. We have one game designed for kids ages 6 and up: Heroes and Villains. We let parents/legal guardians decide what is appropriate for their children.