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Are you a Vancouver walking tour?

Our outdoor city adventures are a unique experience that combine elements of treasure hunts, walking tours, and outdoor escape rooms. Unlike a walking tour, you will not be following a guide during this two-hour experience listening to them talk about the city. You also will not be in teamed up with other people, your team [...]

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Adventure City Games in Vancouver – are you affiliated?

Adventure City Games in Vancouver - are you affiliated? I know it may seem like Adventure City Games is affiliated with Vancouver Mysteries because they also advertise unique experiences that let you explore the city with adventures that combine elements of treasure hunts, walking tours, and outdoor escape rooms! We've had some people ask, so [...]

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Is there parking available?

Nearby parking lots for outdoor games:  -555 West Cordova Street (next to Waterfront Station) -500 West Cordova Street (inside Waterfront Station) -900 West Cordova (Lot-19 park)

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What happens if I arrive late?

The game starts at the start time you selected when you booked your game. If you do not arrive on time, you will have less time to play. If you are late, the rest of your team may be sent out without you.  Large Groups - we will do our best to accommodate large groups [...]

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How early should I arrive?

Please plan for everyone in your booking to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. Keep traffic/parking or transit in mind before leaving to avoid arriving late (if you are not familiar with the area plan to be 10 minutes early). Games start one time so you may miss the introduction if you are late. 

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Is there time to grab food/drinks in the middle of the game?

The game is a tight 2 hours for most, however some teams find the time to work on some puzzles at a coffee shop or bar along the route. If you can complete escape rooms successfully this might work out for you, but we don’t recommend you count on it. Plan to eat before or [...]

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Is there a minimum team size?

The minimum team size for all Vancouver Mysteries games is two players. You can not purchase less than two tickets for the outdoor mystery games. The virtual and portable games can be played with 2 players but there is a minimum booking fee we require to cover the costs of these games. If you would [...]

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Are Vancouver Mysteries games suitable for children?

Outdoor Games Vancouver Mysteries games take place on the streets of downtown Vancouver. Our Heroes and Villains Family game primarily takes place in plazas, paths and the seawall but the route also includes crossing streets and keeping clear of bike paths. At least one adult must accompany each team. Crime in Downtown is a murder [...]

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Do you sell gift cards?

Vancouver gift cards are a great gift idea, and we think digital gift certificates are even better. Easy to buy online and send. Buy a custom gift card here.

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Do Vancouver Mysteries games allow for physical distancing?

Outdoor Games Yes! When you sign up for one of our outdoor games with friends or family you are signing up as a team. Each team gets their own game kit and you will compete against other teams for the top score. You will only be teamed up with the people you signed up with [...]

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