Our outdoor city adventures are a unique experience that combine elements of treasure hunts, walking tours, and outdoor escape rooms.

Unlike a walking tour, you will not be following a guide during this two-hour experience listening to them talk about the city. You also will not be in teamed up with other people, your team is made up of only you and the other people you purchased tickets for (although you may be competing against other teams who signed up for the same time slot). We meet you at the beginning and end and give you everything you need to solve the mystery. Your team explores the city along the game route on your own, you may even have time to stop for a coffee, but you must return before your two hours is over.

You will learn some history about the city and get a close look at one particular area of downtown Vancouver. In fact, you may know it better than some locals by the time you are done!

We are similar to self-guided walking tour because we do not accompany you during the experience. However most self-guided walking tours are app-based or audio tours (and we are not).

If you want to enjoy a traditional walking tour experience, we highly recommend Forbidden Vancouver Walking tours. They are the best in the city.