Vancouver Mysteries is not an escape room company, although we have some similarities.

Outdoor Escape Rooms

In fact we’ve noticed that other game companies are now offering outdoor mystery games and calling them “outdoor escape rooms” (even though you don’t actually escape anything). It makes sense because in both cases, players complete a series of challenges and collect clues to solve a mystery.

You are playing outside – you are not locked in a room! Games cover approximately 2 km of downtown Vancouver. Vancouver Mysteries games are scored out of 100 points. The time limit on an escape room game is generally 1 hour. The time limit on Vancouver Mysteries outdoor games is 2 hours. Escape rooms have a maximum capacity, while at Vancouver Mysteries, we can accommodate 2-40 players for one game or up to 120 players for a Mega Mystery! Also multiple teams can compete for the top score in the same game at the same time – this is not possible with indoor escape rooms.

Portable Escape Room

If you are looking for an indoor event we have a murder mystery game that we can bring to you. The Case of the Hotel Detective can be played indoors or outdoors. A private investigator has been killed and you have 90 minutes with the evidence – can you solve the murder?

Virtual Escape Room

Meet a Game Operator online and play a virtual mystery game! Again, you are not really “escaping” any place BUT you will: explore virtual locations, solve challenges and collect clues. This game is very interactive.

There are lots of Vancouver escape rooms, but there is only one Vancouver Mysteries!