Virtual game duration depends on the game you choose and group size. We may also be able to customize virtual game length for you.

Examples of virtual games with estimated running lengths:

45 Minute Virtual Games

We have run 45 minute virtual games by adjusting our games slightly. Please contact us and we will help you choose the right game for you.

60 Minute Virtual Games

Big Top Werewolf is described as a 60 minute virtual game for smaller group sizes (approximately 20 players or less). Other games may be adjusted so they run for 60 minutes (example: we will pre-populate your answer sheet with some answers and/or the Game Operator will be more generous with clues).

Escape room experts – if your group consistently completes real-life escape rooms they may finish our virtual mysteries in 60 minutes.

90 Minute Virtual Games

A Big Top Werewolf game with more than 20 players may run for 90 minutes.

Teams are given 90 minutes to solve our virtual mystery games (not including the intro/outro time with the Game Operator).

2 Hour Virtual Games (120 Minutes)

A virtual mystery game booking is for two hours – players have 90 minutes to solve the mystery but we can extend that time if necessary (please arrange this ahead of time if your group wants more time to play). Otherwise, the remaining time is used to announce scores or the Game Operator will offer to leave you in the room the socialize after the game.

Note: the virtual game times we describe above are estimates, based on every player arriving on time and ready to play. Game flow depends on your group dynamics and demographics, and their environment (professional meeting or happy hour?). If you have a “hard” deadline for your activity, please let us know when you book your game and we will do our best to make meet your timeline so your game fits into your itinerary for the day.