In an action packed two hours of team building, you’ll find clues, figure out puzzles, and solve a mystery. Large groups compete in teams. Groups of 2-6 players can also play on the same team and race against the clock.


Do you need a break from boring PowerPoints and never-ending conference calls? Get out of the office with Vancouver team building activities! Team up with your colleagues and play our themed mystery games Crime in Downtown, Secret Mission, and Heroes & Villains as you adventure through downtown Vancouver.

Image: Team Building with Secret Mission!
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All of the fun of an outdoor mystery game, but can be played from multiple locations. A Game Operator will divide your group into teams, run the game, keep score and give hints if needed (but it will cost the team points!). Games of up to 10 players can all play on the same team – it’s fun collaborative play! The Pegasus Project. Two hour bookings include 90 minutes of game time for up to 40 players.


A costumed private investigator straight out of the 1980s will deliver the The Case of the Hotel Detective to your office or venue. Your team of up to 10 players will gather around the evidence. You have 90 minutes to solve the mystery, can you do it? Larger groups compete in teams – we can run up to 5 teams simultaneously. Note: players on the same team will be gathered around a table together, so this game is only available if it meets current public health orders.

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What’s included?

Group Booking Information

Conferences and Large Groups – We’ll Come to You

Nothing beats having your activity organizer come to YOUR office or hotel to start your experience. That way you don’t need to mess about finding the start location and trying to herd a large group. So let us make your day easier by starting your game at any downtown Vancouver office or hotel (within 5 minutes of the first challenge location)– at no extra charge.

Or, book our Pop Up Mystery Game, the Case of the Hotel Detective and we will bring the game to you! Game Operators will arrive at your door with a murder investigation you solve in your office, hotel, residence or other venue. 2 to 50 players.

Choose Your Custom Game End Point Downtown

As your teams arrive at the top secret end point, we’ll check them in and then send them on to their next activity – making it easy to fit our adventures into your day. Many groups make arrangements for post-game drinks or a meal at a nearby restaurant. Once we’ve checked in all the teams, our detectives or secret agents will make one last guest appearance to announce the winner and award certificates to every team. Of course, we’re happy to give the team a winning prize if you’d like!

Group Sizes

You can bring 2 to 120 people – all our games are designed to make sure EVERYONE is totally engaged.

Your booking will be for two hours, but game time can vary depending on the degree of mobility and detective skills of your players.

Cost Per Person

  • 2-29 people: $35 per-person + GST
  • 30+ people: $32 per-person + GST

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Visit our booking page and enter your preferred date and time, and number of players. We will confirm within 24 hours.

We do everything we can to accommodate last-minute requests – so if you are up against a deadline and need to get your team-building event organized – let us know!

And you can add players right up to the game day if you need – we are very flexible.

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