Spy Game Secret Mission Now Available for Teams of 2 Players and Up

Earlier this year we were thrilled to announce the release of spy game Secret Mission for groups of 6 or more players (private games).

Now, we’re opening Secret Mission up to groups of all sizes.

Spy Games For Any Group Size

2-5 Players: Games every 15 minutes, daily. You can book here.

More Than 5 Players: Groups of more than 5 players are split into teams to compete against one another in a private game. One of our Game Operators will meet you at a secret location to start your game. Contact us to book your private game – we will do all we can to accommodate your schedule.

Questions? Contact Vancouver Mysteries


[email protected]

Your Mission Is Simple: Save the City

Immerse yourself in a spy thriller as you find hidden messages, decipher cryptic codes and track a criminal mastermind on the streets of downtown Vancouver. You have two hours to save the city from certain destruction – have you got what it takes?

Secret Mission on Shaw TV

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our mission sponsors – the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.