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Tips & Strategies For Winning Your Game

We're frequently asked at Vancouver Mysteries if we have any top secret tips or strategies for winning the game. It's true that over the years we've seen every detective, spy, and superhero team imaginable. We know what works and what doesn't. In response, Mission Control has unclassified the following strategies and tips that may make the [...]

Tips & Strategies For Winning Your Game 2018-08-16T13:05:44+00:00

Mother’s Day in Vancouver

We all know that moms have superpowers and great detective skills, right? Take your mom on an adventure this Mother's Day! Save the Planet or Solve a Murder with Your Mom Sign up your team of 2 to 5 players and compete for prizes this Mother's Day at one of Vancouver Mysteries' [...]

Mother’s Day in Vancouver 2018-04-26T12:45:15+00:00

Wanted: Game Operators

We've had a record-breaking year and we need more Game Operators! Would you like to play detective or secret agent? Sent by HQ to brief players on their Vancouver Mysteries game? You'll be comfortable working in character and love working with people. It might just be the most fun job you'll ever have. Reporting to [...]

Wanted: Game Operators 2018-05-15T19:30:52+00:00

Halloween 2017 Vancouver Mysteries Mystery Nights

October 13 - 31, 7:00pm Vancouver Mysteries' Halloween Mystery Nights return this year with murder mystery game Crime in Downtown. Teams compete against each other while completing challenges on the streets of downtown Vancouver and Gastown. Thirteen years ago Jimmy Capello was found dead in his downtown Vancouver apartment -- strangled, poisoned, and stabbed. [...]

Halloween 2017 Vancouver Mysteries Mystery Nights 2018-09-06T17:21:29+00:00

Top Rated Activity on TripAdvisor

Vancouver Mysteries is thrilled to announce that it has been selected as a top rated activity on TripAdvisor for another year as a recipient of the 2017 Certificate of Excellence (awarded to Vancouver Mysteries in 2015, 2016 and 2017). It's no mystery why Vancouver Mysteries is popular with tourists and locals. Tourists find that the [...]

Top Rated Activity on TripAdvisor 2017-07-13T14:46:11+00:00

Valentine’s Day in Vancouver

Valentine's Day Couples Competition SOLD OUT 6:30pm February 14, 2017 SOLD OUT 2016 Secret Mission Winners 2015 Crime in Downtown Winners Team: The Katers 2016 Crime in Downtown Winners   Team: The Sweethearts This year our wildly popular Valentine's Day Couples Competition is back and it's better [...]

Valentine’s Day in Vancouver 2017-12-04T14:57:37+00:00

Wedding Proposal: A Secret Mission for Vancouver Mysteries

If you’re a fan of mystery movies, you know that even the most hard-boiled detectives have a soft spot for romance. That’s why we have a Valentine’s Day Couples Competition each year! So, when we received a call asking for our help with a wedding proposal, everyone at Vancouver Mysteries was eager to jump [...]

Wedding Proposal: A Secret Mission for Vancouver Mysteries 2018-02-05T09:48:39+00:00

Gift Certificates for Vancouver Activities

Our gift certificates never expire and they can be used for our daily games, private games, and Mystery Nights. Check out our Facebook page for a special offer until December 15, 2016.  Family Fun Buy a gift certificate as a family gift - families enjoy playing our games. We have games for up to 5 [...]

Gift Certificates for Vancouver Activities 2017-05-22T02:15:20+00:00

Welcome, Alina Blank!

Vancouver Mysteries welcomes Alina Blank, brand new Experience Manager, to the team! She's already out on the streets of Downtown Vancouver and Gastown running mystery games, and is the head of Mission Control (also known as HQ). Under Alina's watch, we set a new record in Vancouver Mystery History for most players in one day. [...]

Welcome, Alina Blank! 2018-02-09T12:02:52+00:00

Halloween Mystery Nights in October

Halloween Mystery Nights in Vancouver Heroes & Villains Edition October 1 - 31, 7pm. Use your mystery-solving super powers in Vancouver Mysteries' newest game, Heroes and Villains! Teams of 2-5 players compete against other teams for prizes at 7pm on select nights in our Halloween Mystery Nights. Mystery [...]

Halloween Mystery Nights in October 2017-05-22T02:15:20+00:00
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