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Contest! A Love Letter to Vancouver

#LoveVancouver What do YOU love about Vancouver? DAILY PRIZES IN MARCH Global News Morning and Tourism Vancouver have teamed up to give you the chance to win an amazing Vancouver hotel, dining and attractions package every day for the month of March. Each daily prize is valued over $750! WIN A FREE [...]

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Family Day Weekend Contest Winners 2021

FAMILY DAY WEEKEND CONTEST WINNERS 2021 CONTEST WINNERS Contest Winners Announced FREE VIRTUAL MYSTERY GAME WINNER Everyone who booked a game for Family Day Weekend (Friday February 12 - Monday February 15) was automatically entered into a draw for a free virtual mystery game for [...]

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Valentine’s Day Virtual Events in Vancouver!

VALENTINE DAY'S VIRTUAL EVENT! Our 7th Annual Couples Competition Returns to Vancouver... as a Virtual Event VALENTINE'S DAY COUPLES COMPETITION Treat your Valentine to a virtual mystery game on Valentine's Day! One couple per team (2 players) You can be at the same computer or separate locations/separate computers (whatever works for your [...]

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Family Day Weekend 2021 Vancouver

FAMILY DAY WEEKEND VANCOUVER 2021 A fun game with your household/core bubble that is COVID safe OUTDOOR MYSTERY GAMES FOR FAMILY DAY WEEKEND Book your game for Family Day Weekend! Choose from 4 outdoor games (including one for kids). One household/core bubble (2-6 players) per private game Outdoor game routes Contactless delivery [...]

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Valentines Day Vancouver 2021

VALENTINE DAY VANCOUVER 2021 Make your Valentine's Day special and COVID safe OUTDOOR MYSTERY GAMES FOR VALENTINE'S DAY Treat your loved one(s) to a mystery game on Valentine's Day! One household/core bubble (2-6 players) per private game. Outdoor game routes Contactless delivery (including an option to pay and sign waivers online). [...]

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Holiday Party Ideas During COVID

HOLIDAY PARTY IDEAS 2020 VIRTUAL PARTIES Looking for holiday party ideas so you can still see everyone this year? Meet your friends and family online and play a game together. Your virtual party includes a Game Operator who will divide you into teams, run the game and keep score. Choose from Trivia, [...]

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Safe Travels Stamp

SAFE TRAVELS STAMP Vancouver Mysteries is a proud recipient of the Safe Travel Stamp. As a public destination authority, Tourism Vancouver can grant the Safe Travels stamp to tourism businesses who can demonstrate they have met the global health and hygiene protocols outlined by the World Travel & Tourism Council (www.wttc.org). We have implemented, and [...]

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Virtual Games For Large Groups

VIRTUAL GAMES FOR LARGE GROUPS Virtual Games for large groups are now available at Vancouver Mysteries. Looking for a team building activity or holiday party? These games create a social gathering place for teams to interact in a safe environment. Missing your family and friends? Invite them to a virtual game night. [...]

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Closed for Remembrance Day

Closed for Remembrance Day Vancouver Mysteries will be closed for Remembrance Day on November 11, 2020.  Victory Square from the Dominion Building [AM54-S4-2-: CVA 371-2833].

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Safe and Fun – An Interview with Vancouver Mysteries

INTERVIEW WITH VANCOUVER MYSTERIES Tanya Bennett, owner of Vancouver Mysteries, was recently interviewed for The Closing Act. SAFE AND FUN During the interview Tanya Bennett describes their newest game The Case of the Hotel Detective and the changes made at the company to position them at the top of the list for [...]

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Metro Vancouver Tourism Taskforce Stories

#WEARETOURISM Vancouver Mysteries was recently selected to be featured on the Metro Vancouver Tourism Task Force website with the Lookout. It has been a challenging year and we are grateful for this opportunity! OUR STORY When Tanya Bennett, owner of Vancouver Mysteries, held Mystery Night events at the Vancouver Lookout last October, [...]

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Mystery Happy Hour at the Top of Vancouver

A HAPPY HOUR JUST FOR DETECTIVES AND SPIES THE TOP OF VANCOUVER Solve a mystery with your bubble and then celebrate at the Top of Vancouver after your game. Vancouver's fine dining is taken to new heights at this revolving restaurant with spectacular views. You're invited to show your detective or agent [...]

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