You only need 2 players to play a Vancouver Mysteries game!

We have games for 2-6 players available every 30 minutes throughout the day – check our calendar for availability.

Date Night

Avoid the awkward small talk of a first date by solving a murder together, or try something different for date night by playing our spy game (followed by martinis, of course!). Or use your superpowers to save the planet together (no big deal, right?!).

Visiting Vancouver?

The route of each game is carefully designed to pay homage to Vancouver history, architecture and culture as players explore an exciting fictional world. By the end of the game you will know the city better than some locals. Maps provided.

It was fun. Easy to book. Great date night surprise. Highly recommend.
Had a great time exploring Vancouver; it was an awesome way to see more of the city without having some droning tour guide explain it.