The Vancouver Mysteries team was thrilled to discover that the National Puzzlers’ League (NPL) annual convention was being held in Vancouver this year.


NPL Convention 2015, Recouvery: Vancouver, British Columbia ran from July 9-12 and included a picnic, awards ceremony, and (of course) lots of puzzles.

Some of the members chose to try out our urban games while they were attending the convention – we ran three different games for groups of various sizes while they were in town. Pictured below, a group playing our spy game Secret Mission:

national puzzlers league playing a vancouver mysteries game

National Puzzlers’ League – More Information

According to the National Puzzlers’ League website,, the NPL was founded in 1883, and is the oldest surviving organization of puzzle enthusiasts in the world. Membership in the league includes a year’s subscription to the Enigma, their monthly magazine of puzzles. If you like to solve puzzles, we highly recommend you check them out.

Thank You

A special thank you to Mark Gottlieb for reaching out to us and introducing himself. What a fun group – it was a pleasure to meet all of you!