Team Building Events

Looking for team building events? Plan your next team builder with Vancouver Mysteries!

Vancouver Mysteries has been the go to for every event planner planning a conference, convention, meeting or organizing a team building day for their office staff. We are also the popular choice for schools, day camps and tour groups looking for a fun activity that incorporates team building and building communication skills. We are increasing in popularity with recruiters looking to get their new staff and departments to learn how to work and communicate with each other effectively as well. Our games take place in various areas of the downtown core and are close to hotels and offices so we can organize a custom start and end and even have virtual and portable games that can be played from a boardroom with Zoom. 

Outdoor team building events

A murder mystery in Gastown- Crime in Downtown

Explore historic Gastown as part of an investigative team on a scavenger hunt for clues in the murder of Jimmy Capello. Who killed him and how did he die? Was it the cheated casino boss, the rejected socialite or the betrayed ex girlfriend?  Help the Terminal City Police with their most challenging cold case. Work together with your team of co-workers/investigators and be the first to solve the mystery behind Jimmy’s death. Get more information for your detective squad here.

A Spy Mission – Secret Mission

Become one of the most elite spies in Vancouver in this team building game that takes players to the most glamorous buildings in Vancouver’s downtown core. Their mission: to stop the leader of Blackout from destroying the city before time runs out. Find out more about how you can save the city here.

We can be heroes- Heroes and Villains

Picturesque Coal Harbour sets the scene for this superhero adventure. Work together to stop the Muck Monster. Choose your role as a hero or villain. Learn more about how to harness your superpowers here.

Virtual Murder Mysteries

Last Voyage of the Blackened Heart

Gather your colleagues and classmates on Zoom and take part in this murder investigation on the seven seas. You and your team are crew members of a pirate ship and must solve the murder of the cabin boy by being the first to identify the killer or be the next to meet your end…

Find out more about how to survive the high seas here.

The Case of the Hotel Detective

This murder mystery is set in a a hotel in the 1980s. So if you are a local planning a staycation or a tourist in town at a hotel in downtown Vancouver then join the Private Investigator’s League and help solve the murder of the League’s President P.I. Joey Lee.  This game is a portable escape room – we’ll bring you the evidence so you can uncover the motive and the identity of the suspect. Games are fully-hosted by our very own private investigators (inspired by Magnum PI) and costumes are encouraged – so get your Hawaiian shirts out and get read to solve a murder! Learn more about joining the Private Investigator’s League here.

Virtual Parties

Big Top Werewolf

Turn the boardroom into The Big Top and help our Ringmaster find the spell to reverse the curse of the werewolf. You and your colleagues and classmates form circus families that compete against each other by performing fun circus acts to reveal the spell. Find out how to run away and join the circus here.

Super Trivia

Time to test your knowledge with fun categories that involve popular TV shows, movies and music with a mysterious twist. Be contestants on a game show with this perfect party game. Get more information on how to try your hand at trivia here.

Customize Your Game

Outdoor Games – Make a night of it by taking advantage of our custom endings with restaurant reservations after your team building activity (check with us if you’d like some recommendations for spots near the end of each game route). Your detective or agent will meet you at any restaurant within ten minutes of our staring location, and give you the results of your game. The Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant in downtown Vancouver is always a good choice if you’d like to end your night with 360 degree views of the city: it is close to the end route for all of our outdoor games, and offers an extended happy hour for those who’ve played a Vancouver Mysteries game.

Virtual Games – If you want to welcome your guests or make an announcement at the beginning of your virtual game we can arrange this with your Game Operator. Or we can leave you in the room to socialize afterwards. We can also announce prizes and even create a custom trivia category for you if you send us the questions!