Update August 29 2020 – Our free mask offer is ending soon! Every player gets a free face mask while supplies last.

Update May 23 2020 – Vancouver Mysteries reopens with new protective measures in place, including physical distancing and a face mask for every player. Read the announcement here. More info: COVID-19 Safety Plan, Masks Info.

Update May 15 2020 – Vancouver Mysteries is preparing to re-open during Phase 2 of the BC Restart Plan. Watch this space for announcements.

Update May 5 2020 – The province has officially extended the state of emergency through the end of the day on May 12, 2020.

Vancouver Mysteries is hopeful we will be able to run games as part of a gradual re-opening of businesses under the guidance of provincial authorities, including Bonnie Henry and the BC Center for Disease Control.

With the exception of some special events, all of our games have always been ‘private games’ (you sign up with your team of friends and family and don’t get mixed into a group with other people). More information in the original post below:

Update March 23 2020 – The Vancouver Mysteries office is practicing social distancing. Small games (starting at 2 players) are currently closed until Saturday April 4, 2020 and availability will be revisited weekly. Games of more than 10 players are closed until April 15, 2020. Games of more than 40 players are closed until further notice. Check our calendars for up to the minute availability – you can see them on our Book Now page.

Update March 16 2020 – Every game kit now includes packets of individual hand wipes (at least one for each player). Game Operators now have non-latex gloves available (at players’ discretion). For example, some challenges in the games include use of handrails and players may also handle public fixtures such as a sculpture, poster on the outside of a building, etc. (Gloves are also an excellent way for detectives and spies to keep their fingerprints off the evidence!)

March 12 2020 – Concerns about COVID-19 are increasing and we are seeing communications on this topic from the City of Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver. Plans for Spring Break are changing and people are wondering if they should go out, avoid crowds, or just stay inside.

Here at Vancouver Mysteries Headquarters we are all watching carefully to see how things play out and we want to do the right thing.

A Virus is NOT Fun

We love to have fun at Vancouver Mysteries but, if you’ve played any of our games, you know that we also take safety very seriously.

So, let’s make a deal. If you are not feeling well, please don’t come play our games! We want you to stay home and take care of yourself. We promise to do the same. Game Operators have been asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell; and, of course, to self-quarantine if they’ve been exposed to the virus. Don’t worry, your game will still happen! We have back up!

A reminder to think like a detective!

Check that your sources are reliable, don’t panic, help others and wash your hands a lot (okay that part is not detective-y, but it’s great advice!)

Cancellation Policy

We wanted to remind everyone about our cancellation policy – if you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before your game time it has always been our policy to issue a full refund.

Until further notice, we will also honour full refunds for any game up to 10 players right up to game time. We can also reschedule games for larger groups that are cancelled for health reasons at any time with no penalty.

More Information About How Our Games Work

With the exception of special events, our games are all private games. This means if you book a game, you and your friends will be the only one playing the game at that time. Our three outdoor game routes are primarily outside in open areas and games are spaced 30 minutes apart, so different groups rarely see each other. No line-ups, no crowds. We also have an indoor game we can bring to you. Game Operators will show up at your door with our pop-up mystery, The Case of the Hotel Detective (2-50 players).


We’re here to answer your questions about our games by phone or email. 778-707-1962

This message was posted March 12 2020 at 18:36 PM. We will update it if anything changes.