We  require a contact number for each booking and we recommend having one cell phone with each team in case of emergency; however games can be a 100% phone-free experience. Unplug and enjoy yourself! You are provided with a real map and a game book, plus tools and artifacts for this real-life adventure. No apps, no screen time.

Crime in Downtown asks players to phone a number -if you do not have cell service, the Game Operator can provide you with the clue at the end of the game.

Secret Mission asks players to text a code to Mission Control – if you do not have cell service you can provide this code to the Game Operator at the end of the game.

Ghost Patrol asks players to use a QR code during one challenge – if you are unable to do this your Game Operator can assist you at the end of the game. 

Sometimes we ask teams to text us when they arrive at the start/end location of the game. If that is not possible, just show up and look for us there. Will this be too easy/too difficult for my group?