Teams playing Crime in Downtown while disguising themselves with fake mustaches. The short answer is: Yes!

Daily Games – when you purchase tickets you choose the number of players and that forms your team. If you want to sign up more than one team you can purchase more tickets for the same time slot. We will ask you for your team name when we are preparing your certificate at the end of the game.

Private Groups – Our Experience Team can confirm team sizes for large groups – groups are divided evenly into teams of 5-6 players or by special request.

Plan to have your game organized into teams and team names before you arrive. This encourages the competitive spirit! If you choose your teams ahead of time, it also allows you to coordinate costumes or colour-code the separate teams. Dressing up isn’t required, but can add to the fun! We recommend fake moustaches, fedoras, superhero masks and capes, magnifying glasses, and detective badges for your disguises.

Stores Nearby 

Dressew Supply – 337 West Hastings Street

Dollarama – 555 West Hastings Street