Be a CSI for a Day and Solve A Murder Mystery in Downtown Vancouver

Our outdoor murder mystery game Crime In Downtown runs7 days a week, from 9AM to 9PM year round. In this two hour murder investigation, you are a crime scene investigator for two hours while you solve the murder of Jimmy Capello. Teams of 2 to 6 players compete to see who can crack the case the fastest. Come with your friends for a private game, or put yourself out there and compete against strangers. With lots of clues to test your detective skills along the way, being a CSI in Vancouver will be a fun and challenging task.

Solve Puzzles and Find Clues

Hunt for clues and solve challenges while you explore downtown Vancouver. This investigation is completed on foot as you make your way through the streets of Gastown and try to find the solution to a murder mystery. Book online and then get your secret starting location before you arrive and get investigating! Complete your game the fastest, come with cool costumes, and answer our super secret bonus question for extra points! As a CSI you will have the opportunity to explore Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood in a unique and thrilling way with Crime in Downtown.

Family Fun

Solve a crime scene investigation with your family and book Crime in Downtown today! Our recommendation for the youngest CSI is 12 years old, but kids under 6 can also accompany you for free (and this game is also stroller-friendly and dog-friendly).  We also have another mystery for even younger players, Heroes and Villain,is superhero themed and  fun for the whole family. Explore Vancouver’s beautiful Coal Harbour and solve the mystery of the Muck Monster.

No Phones or Apps Required

Enjoy a real hands-on experience. Unlike other mystery games, Vancouver Mysteries outdoor games immerse you in a mystery screen-free. A detective will meet you at the beginning and end of your crime scene investigation, providing you with a game kit with everything you need, including: clues, a map, artifacts, evidence, tools, and more. Can you use your detective skills to complete puzzles, find clues, and solve the murder?

Virtual Investigations

If you’re not in Vancouver, or prefer to stay home our game Black Skull will let you test your CSI skills against your friends on the high seas. Solve the murder of the Cabin Boy, or conceal your identity as the murderer from the comfort of your living room. Make your friends walk the plank from anywhere with this exciting role-playing murder mystery.

Our other virtual games, Super Trivia and Big Top Werewolf, don’t test your CSI skills, but they do give you fun challenges and trivia questions to compete at with your friends. Super Trivia makes you the star of your game show, and Big Top Werewolf lets you run away and join the circus.

Get Mystery Ready With Awesome Costumes