Be a CSI Vancouver Mysteries Sale – One Day Only

Sign up to be a crime scene investigator in Vancouver Mysteries’ outdoor murder mystery game Crime In Downtown on Saturday May 21 2022 and save! Just one ticket needed per team.

CSI Vancouver Sale – May 21 2022 ONLY

Min 2 Max 6 Players to Play

Play our CSI game Crime in Downtown and save on your game (only May 21 2022 and CSIs only – you must book Crime in Downtown). Play any time it’s available – all day long. This is a great opportunity to participate in one of our locally designed and locally run thrilling outdoor murder mystery events.

2 Players $70 + GST

3 Players $105 + GST

4 Players $105 + GST (regular price $140 + GST)

5 Players $105 + GST (regular price $175 + GST)

6 Players $105 + GST (regular price $210 + GST)

Limited space available, book online now for MAY21 and save!.

Crime Scene Investigators Needed

In this two hour murder investigation, you are a crime scene investigator for two hours while you solve the murder of Jimmy Capello. Teams of 2 to 6 players compete to see who can crack the case the fastest. Come with your friends for a private game, or put yourself out there and compete against strangers. With lots of clues to test your detective skills along the way, being a CSI in Vancouver will be a fun and challenging task.

No Phones or Apps Required

Enjoy a real hands-on experience. Unlike other mystery games, Vancouver Mysteries outdoor games immerse you in a mystery screen-free. A detective will meet you at the beginning and end of your crime scene investigation, providing you with a game kit with everything you need, including: clues, a map, artifacts, evidence, tools, and more. Can you use your detective skills to complete puzzles, find clues, and solve the murder?

Get Mystery Ready With Awesome Costumes