A Killer Combination

Vancouver Improv and Vancouver Mysteries

Join us for a night of world-renowned Vancouver Improv at Improv Against Humanity: Live & Unsanctioned at The Rio Theatre on Wednesday Oct 21, 2015.

Vancouver Improv Events

The Fictionals’ Improv Against Humanity

The Fictionals bring the world of Cards Against Humanity to life, chances to win sweet prizes in our live CAH tournament and Innuendo, and the crowning of Vancouver’s Most Horrible Person. Will it be YOU?

Visit their website for more information and to buy tickets.


Tickets: $10 + SC in Advance, $12 at the Door

Win a Free Vancouver Mysteries Game

Vancouver’s Most Horrible Person will win a game of Secret Mission for 2 players.

Other Chances To Win

1. Win a Free Game of Crime in Downtown – Mystery Night Edition

At least one of our Vancouver Mysteries detectives will be at this event disguised as a member of the audience. Our Mystery Nights run Thursday – Saturday until October 31. Spot one of our detectives at this event and say the password “You’re Horrible, Muriel!” and get a promo code for a free Mystery Nights game for up to 2 players.

detectives Vancouver

2. Win a Free Game of Secret Mission 

Already played Crime in Downtown? Be the first to show one to show us your detective badge from the game (or a reasonable facsimile) and we’ll give you a promo code for a free game of Secret Mission for 2 players.

See You There!

Didn’t Win? Book a game instead.