If you’ve played an escape room game before you already know what to do – you book your game online and then show up at the address provided to play and follow the instructions. The main difference is that outdoor Vancouver Mysteries games are played outdoors and the play area covers approximately 2 km instead of a locked room. 

Select your time from the available time slots, and you will be sent the starting location instructions. When you arrive you will be met by your Game Operator; an in-character and in-costume host who will explain the mystery and lend you the game kit. We provide all the equipment necessary – this is real fun, no apps or phones required! You will receive a kit with tools, artifacts and clues as well as a game book and map to guide you along the game route.

The game is entirely self-guided, you will not be meeting anyone along the game route. 

You will solve challenges and collect clues while your mystery unfolds.  You will have 2 hours to solve  the mystery and report back to the starting location to return the game gear and receive your score.

Choose from 4 outdoor games that take place in different parts of downtown Vancouver: 

  • Crime in Downtown, a detective murder-mystery game taking you through historic Gastown (including the steam clock, cobble-stoned Water Street and Maple Tree Square. Intermediate difficulty level.
  • Secret Mission, a spy themed adventure game around central downtown (passing along the Vancouver Art Gallery and Hotel Vancouver Fairmont) Intermediate difficulty level. 
  • Heroes & Villains, a superhero quest game around Coal Harbour (including the seawall, convention centre and lots of public art). Easy difficulty level: we recommend it for beginners to escape/mystery games, or who just want something casual.
  • Ghost Patrol is a fictional paranormal investigation around the business district. This is our hardest game, we do not recommend it for beginners or groups with mostly kids/teenagers due to the difficulty level. The game itself is not scary.