If you sign up for the daily games, the maximum team size is 5 or 6 players (depending on the game you choose) and one adult is required per team.

If you would like to make any special arrangements for a birthday party, please contact the Vancouver Mysteries Experience Team for a private booking. Options: a custom start/end location, use of a superhero cape for the special guest during the game, free adult chaperone for a team of kids, and more. We are also able to help you coordinate the booking so the game is a surprise for your special guest.

Birthdays for Kids

If you choose to play an outdoor game, there is a big food court nearby that kids love. Or there is Mink Chocolate Cafe – they have some very cool things on the menu including the chance to roast marshmallows right at your table and the best hot chocolate we’ve ever had! (Note: they are not a very big cafe so depending on the size of your group, it might not work.)