We describe all of our games as appropriate for children ages 12 and up.

Our murder mystery, Crime in Downtown, includes mature subject matter (murder, blackmail, infidelity, gambling). Please check in with us about the game content if you need more information to decide if you are comfortable with the subject matter for your children.

12 and 13 year-olds usually can solve most if not all of the puzzles along the route; but may need some assistance here or there.

We probably wouldn’t recommend a regular Vancouver Mysteries game for children ages 11 or younger, unless there were on a team with older children or with their family.

Please note each team of children must be accompanied by one adult (at least 19 years old). If the adult is not playing the game, they can accompany a team of 5 children or young adults for free.

Teams of young adults (16-18 year olds) can play alone if their parents or guardians provide documented permission in advance. Please contact us to inquire about field trips or other large groups of young adults.

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We enjoyed this adventure from beginning to end. It was so much fun and there was an incredible amount of effort put into planning this event. We had a group of 9-12 yr olds on a WET Vancouver night and we loved every minute! Can’t wait to do this again!
Ollejules, TripAdvisor