Find clues, complete challenges, solve the mystery, win prizes!

Valentine’s Day Couples Competition

Valentine’s Day 2020 – Killer date idea! Three different games are played simultaneously during the Valentine’s Day Couples Competition. Sign up with a partner-in-crime to play murder mystery Crime in Downtown, spy thriller Secret Mission or superhero quest Heroes & Villains.

4 Cool Prizes

Mink Chocolates – We’d like to thank Mink Chocolates for being so sweet again – this will be the fifth year they’ve provided the chocolates for the couple with the overall top score!

RollaSkate Club – We have a gift certificate for two to give away thanks to the coolest club on wheels. They will get you rolling with one hour of semi-private instruction. Already a skater? You can use it to bring on the disco lights and skate your heart out at a Rolla Rink Session instead. Rollerskate rentals included.

Academie Duello – Swordplay, martial arts, armour… these are just a few things you could be signing up for when you use an Academie Duello gift certificate. 100% badass.

valentines day 2020

Vancouver Craft Beer Festival – This year’s celebration of music, food and beer takes place at an exciting new location, Concord Community Park in downtown Vancouver June 5-7. Over 100 craft breweries and cideries will be pouring more than 300 beers and ciders. Winners receive 2 tickets for admission to the festival on Sunday. Vancouver Mysteries brought its travelling circus to the festival in 2019 with games and lots of prizes, who knows maybe we’ll be there again this year! We saw firsthand why this festival was named Social Event of the Year at the 2019 Golden Owl Awards. 19+

Event Info

  • 7:00 p.m. February 14, 2020
  • The couple with the top score for each game will win a prize.
  • Choose between our three games: Crime in Downtown, Secret Mission and Heroes & Villains.
  • Game starts and ends near Waterfront Station. You will receive further instructions after you sign up.
  • Bring your Valentine or Pal-entine, everyone is welcome but team size is limited to 2 players each for this event.

This special event sells out every year and takes place for one night only on February 14, 2020 at 7:00pm. Don’t delay! 

More Info on our Special Events Vancouver Valentines Day page.

RSVP and invite your friends to our 4th Annual Valentines Day Couples Competition Facebook event.

Valentines Day in Vancouver