Tanya Bennett, owner of Vancouver Mysteries, was recently interviewed for The Closing Act.


During the interview Tanya Bennett describes their newest game The Case of the Hotel Detective and the changes made at the company to position them at the top of the list for safe and fun options in downtown Vancouver and beyond.

The Closing Act is a half hour music show profiling some of the best singers/songwriters in music and production. As well, showcasing some of the music industry professionals from talent managers to promoters.

The Closing Act airs on broadcast Novus (Telus) TV and reaches a wide global audience on the YouTube channel.

Hot Tip: Tanya Bennett is also bass player in local band Mink Valley, whose song Folly appears on the soundtrack of The Case of the Hotel Detective video shown during this interview! You can check out the rest of their songs at Bandcamp as well as popular streaming platforms like Spotify.

Note: this interview will also air on the Novus Community Channel after November 9th, twice a day at various time slots.

Safe and Fun Activities in Downtown Vancouver

Sign up with your bubble (up to 6 players) and choose from 4 outdoor games in Vancouver or play the Case of the Hotel Detective at your home, office, hotel or other venue.