Stock and Supply savings after a vancouver mystery

Vancouver Mysteries and Rendezvous Canada 2023 – Vancouver Mysteries is thrilled to be selected as a Qualified Seller for this year’s Rendezvous Canada.

Rendezvous Canada | Quebec City, QC | May 30 – June 2 2023

What is Rendezvous Canada? 

Rendez-vous Canada is a by-invitation-only event for qualified Sellers of Canadian travel products and services to engage with pre-qualified international Buyers of Canadian travel products and experiences, forge new contacts and strengthen existing partnerships, gain the inside track on Canadian tourism and where it’s headed, expand their network, and learn new and creative ways to market Canada to a global audience.

Vancouver Mysteries provides outdoor mystery games with escape room style challenges. Four games to choose from, including a game for groups with younger kids. Do you want to be spies, detectives or superheroes? Each game route focuses on a specific area of downtown and takes participants past iconic architecture, historic sites, public art, secret parks, restaurants, and shopping. Explore the city in a unique way while you solve a mystery. These two-hour outdoor sightseeing activities in downtown Vancouver can accommodate 2 to 194 players. We also have portable games we can bring to your meeting room or other venue. And we have virtual games that can be played from anywhere in the world.

Group rates, wholesale prices and more. We hope you’ll meet with us to find out more about how our games provide a new and creative way for visitors to explore Vancouver. Our games are only available in Vancouver and are truly unique.

Work with us. We look forward to making new friends and expanding our networks. We are also interested in expanding our games to new cities and also licensing our portable and virtual games to other Sellers. You can reach us at [email protected] | 778-707-1962