Perkopolis Savings in Vancouver and British Columbia

Perkopolis Members Save on Vancouver Activities

Get Great Savings in Vancouver and British Columbia

If your employer has joined Perkopolis, you can save on activities, travel, and more in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Save with Perkopolis and Vancouver Mysteries

Vancouver Mysteries is happy to be partnering with Perkopolis. With them, you can save 5$ per player on our outdoor games, gift certificates and on online games with 10 or more players! If you’re a Perkopolis member, log in to Perkopolis account and then go to Vancouver Mysteries on Perkopolis to get the promo code you can use for savings.  As one of the many companies offering perks on their website and app we would love to have you come and play a game with us, and get savings on it too.

Note: the Perkopolis promo code is for Perkopolis members only. If you would like to book a game, we also have group rates, industry rates (for hotels and other tourism industry folks), field trip rates and non profit rates. Questions? Call our Experience Team 778-707-1962.

Perkopolis Savings in British Columbia

We have fun virtual experiences you can book from anywhere in British Columbia (actually anywhere in the world where the is an internet connection, really). We will honour our savings to any Perkopolis members from anywhere. If you can’t find Vancouver Mysteries when you log in to your Perkopolis account, please get in touch and we’ll confirm you are a member and offer you the same savings on our virtual games, gift certificates (or outdoor games in downtown Vancouver if you are coming to visit).