Looking for holiday party ideas so you can still see everyone this year? Meet your friends and family online and play a game together. Your virtual party includes a Game Operator who will divide you into teams, run the game and keep score. We’ll send you an invitation to send to your guests – they can be anywhere in the world. All you have to do is show up, we do the rest (BYOB!).  Let’s play!


Take Family Game Night to the next level with contactless delivery of the Case of the Hotel Detective. A private investigator from the 1980s will arrive at your house with the evidence (Hawaiian shirt? Check! Shades? Check! Big moustache? Probably!). Can you solve the murder? You have 90 minutes with the evidence. This game brings escape room style puzzles to your living room (and then we pick it up again afterwards!) Contactless delivery and quarantined game gear. Solve a murder, stay home and play safe!

Zoom Fatigue? 

We understand some of you are sick of Zoom – you may be using Zoom at work a lot and you are looking for other options. Zoom is user friendly and works for most people, that’s why it’s so popular. Tere are advantages to using a platform that lots of people are already familiar with – it allows you to forget about the technology so that you can enjoy the fun of playing together online or so that you can get immersed into the story of the mystery game without being distracted by the technology.

Virtual Games

Be prepared for trash talking with lots of laughs as the competition increases from round to round during a virtual party game.

Virtual Mystery Game

If you are looking to escape into a mystery game, be prepared for an intense plot and difficult puzzles when you play our virtual mystery game the Pegasus Project. If you have played our outdoor mystery games, you’ll understand – this virtual mystery game is very similar. Instead of exploring the streets of downtown Vancouver during our games you will be exploring a top secret science laboratory and revealing the scientist’s secret plan.

Portable Mystery Game

If you are near Vancouver and you want a real-life mystery, we can deliver our portable mystery to you. Watch our movie, The Case of the Hotel Detective – you may recognize someone during your game!