Support for the Residents of the Winter Hotel

Gastown Fire Displaces Residents

The view from the Vancouver Mysteries office window was scary yesterday when a historic building on Water Street caught fire (photo shown at right). One of our game routes goes right by the Winter Hotel, which was on fire on April 11 2022. We’ve learned that over 140 people have been displaced and that Atira Women’s Resource Society is accepting donations on their behalf.

Donate to Atira Women’s Resource Society

You can specifically help these folks when you include the comment “Winters Hotel Fire” with your donation at this link at

$5 Donated From Each Booking Until Midnight Friday April 15, 2022

From this morning’s first customer to midnight on Friday April 15 2022, Vancouver Mysteries will donate $5 from each booking to Atira. We have outdoor games running every 30 minutes for the Easter long weekend. and we’d like to encourage you to come down and support downtown Vancouver and the community of folks who live and work here. Visit the stores, eat at the restaurants and drink at the bars – and, if you book one of our games, know that part of the proceeds will also be helping. We’re keeping track of the bookings that come in and we’ll donate $5 for each one on Saturday.

Gastown Game Temporarily Unavailable 

Our Gastown murder mystery game Crime in Downtown is currently unavailable. We hope that our Gastown game will be running again by Saturday, but we also have two other outdoor games (and 3 virtual games!) to choose from. If you have booked our Gastown game (detective challenge/murder mystery Crime in Downtown) and the route is blocked on your game day, we will offer you spy thriller Secret Mission or superhero quest Heroes & Villains instead or you can postpone your game until the route is open again. Either way, you can book a Vancouver Mysteries game knowing that you’ll have a fun outdoor adventure in downtown Vancouver.

Update: Go Fund Me Set Up For Gastown Businesses

The Gastown Business Improvement Society has also set up a Go Fund Me for the businesses impacted by the fire in Gastown. You can donate here:

Update Saturday April 16, 2022: When this article was originally published we listed the date of the fire incorrectly as April 12, 2022 (the fire was on Monday April 11, 2022) On Saturday, April 16, 2022 we donated $5 per booking from the first booking on the morning of Tuesday April 12, 2022 to the the last booking on Friday April 15, 2022. Vancouver Mysteries has donated $90 to Atira.