Wedding proposal photo

If you’re a fan of mystery movies, you know that even the most hard-boiled detectives have a soft spot for romance. That’s why we have a Valentine’s Day Couples Competition each year! So, when we received a call asking for our help with a wedding proposal, everyone at Vancouver Mysteries was eager to jump at this romantic secret mission.

A Mysterious Caller

Experience Manager Blank answered the Mystery Hotline that day. The caller’s name was Ray, and as he described his love for Samantha over the phone, she could feel her tough spy’s heart melt. He went on to explain that he had created a scavenger hunt for Samantha’s birthday in the past and wanted something similar for their proposal. As big fans of puzzles and escape rooms, Vancouver Mysteries was a natural fit for this mysterious couple.

Operation: Wedding Proposal

The groom-to-be hired Luxe Proposals to assist with the planning. Luxe Proposals is a company that specializes in coordinating luxury events and wedding proposals. Working closely with Kim from Luxe Proposals, Vancouver Mysteries would run the game with customized clues and Kim would create the secret proposal location. The whole Vancouver Mysteries team got into the act, conspiring together to work the big question into the game. Good thing being sneaky and mysterious is our business!

Bride to be and groom with bride's brother during spy game that turns into a wedding proposal

Samantha is in spy mode while Ray is secretly shushing the camera.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The cover story was that Jon, Samantha’s brother and Ray’s accomplice, had booked the spy thriller game Secret Mission for the three of them to play. All communications had to be relayed through Jon or Kim lest Samantha should stumble across anything. It worked! Samantha was none the wiser to the romantic scheme when they arrived to their mission briefing.

With so much at stake, Experience Manager Alina Blank wanted to run this important mission personally. She appeared incognito as Special Agent Blank, and kept up the charade, addressing Jon as the game organizer and keeping a straight face while informing the group of their mission to stop an evil organization from destroying the city.

While our three spies were off saving Vancouver from utter destruction, Kim and her Luxe Proposals team were busy at the secret end location creating a romantic venue. A photographer was there to capture the moment while the room was filled with symbols of Ray and Samantha’s love.

You Have One Mission: Say Yes!

Two hours later Sam, Ray, and Jon were nearing the end of their spy adventure when they discovered a coded message in their secret agent kit. It instructed the secret agents to go to a mysterious address (the private end location that Luxe Proposal had arranged for their final challenge). Our spies were whisked off via taxi to conclude their romantic spy adventure.

Mission Accomplished!

Bride to Be reading card with invisible ink message- will you marry me

Sam didn’t suspect a thing when she walked into the beautiful room. Once there, Ray pretended to find another message written in invisible ink (Kim slipped it to him when they arrived). He passed the clue to Sam, who conveniently had the UV light.

It read, “Samantha, will you marry me?” Ray dropped down to one knee.


It seems that the spy still always gets the girl because Vancouver Mysteries is happy to report that she said, “Yes!”

We wanted the group to have the full Vancouver Mysteries experience, so while Ray and Samantha were celebrating their engagement, Kim took a picture of their mission report and texted it to Vancouver Mysteries’ headquarters so Special Agent Blank could calculate their score. Winners all around! A successful proposal and the city was safe as well! The lovely couple was presented with the certificate along with the final clue as a keepsake for this special occasion. With their high score Ray and Samantha make a wonderful team both in the field and in marriage.

Congratulations Samantha and Ray on your engagement! Thank you for letting us be a part of this incredible moment. It was fun and mysterious: our two favorite things!

If you want to add some mystery to your event we are open to custom arrangements. Just give our Experience Manager a call to work out the details. Vancouver Mysteries is a popular choice for stagettes and bachelor parties. Or you can host a surprise birthday game where one of our agents arrives in costume at a nearby restaurant to begin your mystery. Make your work’s team building day more intriguing by having us come to your offices. Want to add some mystery to your romantic life? Our gift certificates make unique wedding gifts or surprise date nights!