Vancouver Mysteries welcomes Alina Blank, brand new Experience Manager, to the team!

She’s already out on the streets of Downtown Vancouver and Gastown running mystery games, and is the head of Mission Control (also known as HQ). Under Alina’s watch, we set a new record in Vancouver Mystery History for most players in one day.

Q&A with Alina

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Vancouver?

My dad is a Park Ranger, so I used to live in a Washington State Park. In 2007 I immigrated to Vancouver and have been an East Van girl ever since.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests.

I love diving into the history of random topics, whether it is tea, hats or margarine. This results in me frequently haunting libraries, bookstores, or museums trying to learn all that I can. It’s just like solving a mystery! I will also always have a love for the outdoors thanks to my childhood.

Alina Blank on duty

What interested you in working for Vancouver Mysteries?

I enjoy creating and facilitating public events where people challenge their minds while thoroughly enjoying themselves. That is exactly what Vancouver Mysteries does and I wanted to be a part of it! I’m also a sucker for Agatha Christie and I think I will be in good company here.

What are you most excited about in your new position with Vancouver Mysteries?

Getting to lead secret agent, detective, and superhero games along with contributing to new games in the future.

Who’s your favourite fictional detective?

Though more the harbinger of mysteries, Agatha Christie’s Mr. Quinn has to be my favorite. You are always in for a great adventure when he’s around.

Who is your favourite crime-solving duo?

Another of Agatha Christie’s creations: Tommy and Tuppence. Their business and personal relationships are filled with mutual respect and care with the odd bit of friendly teasing. Each has their own strengths and investigative methods that compliments the other. I can also identify with Tuppence’s 40 hats.

If you were a detective, what would be your crime-solving gimmick?

Besides wearing a different hat for each case? I’d probably pull a Poirot and insist that everyone gather and have tea while I did my big reveal.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

Exploring. There is always something new to discover whether that is a shop in Gastown, a museum in the suburbs, or a different trail in the Endowment Lands.

Where is your favourite spot in the city?

The Vancouver Library’s Central Branch. It’s a beautiful building with the third largest library collection in Canada. I can spend hours getting lost in the stacks.

What do you think is the most mysterious spot in the city?

Salmagundi West, an antique shop in Gastown. You never know what you might find or what stories the objects might tell. If you want to make your experience more mysterious you can always ask the owner to tell you about the ghosts in the basement.

If a tourist asked you for advice, what would you insist they must do while visiting Vancouver? (Other than a Vancouver Mysteries game, of course!)

If you love history and are willing to go a little bit out of town then you have to see New Westminster’s Irving House. It’s the oldest intact home in the Lower Mainland and is a historic beauty with fourteen rooms to explore.