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Kids Events Tomorrow

Fun Vancouver Events for Kids Heroes and Villains At Vancouver Mysteries we have games running all weekend. A great event for younger kids tomorrow is Heroes and Villains, a superhero adventure taking place near Coal Harbor right by FlyOver Canada, so you can have two adventures in one day! Spend time in beautiful [...]

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A Spy Hunt You Can Play at Home

Looking for something to do for a rainy day? Here's an idea for a spy hunt you can play at home straight from one of our Special Agents at Vancouver Mysteries Mission Control. Hide a series of secret messages around your home using scytales. How to send a secret message using a scytale [...]

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Mothers Day 2019

Highly Classified Intel Straight from Mission Control: Mother's Day Gift Ideas Too Good to Keep a Secret Surprise your mom with a real-life adventure this Mother's Day! Mother's Day Gift Idea - A Secret Mission Mystery Night - Sunday May 12 7:00 p.m. SOLD OUT - SEE BELOW FOR OTHER OPTIONS! Sign [...]

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Tips & Strategies For Winning Your Game

We're frequently asked at Vancouver Mysteries if we have any top secret tips or strategies for winning the game. It's true that over the years we've seen every detective, spy, and superhero team imaginable. We know what works and what doesn't. In response, Mission Control has unclassified the following strategies and tips that may make the [...]

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Valentine’s Day in Vancouver

Valentine's Day Couples Competition SOLD OUT 6:30pm February 14, 2017 SOLD OUT 2016 Secret Mission Winners 2015 Crime in Downtown Winners Team: The Katers 2016 Crime in Downtown Winners   Team: The Sweethearts This year our wildly popular Valentine's Day Couples Competition is back and it's better [...]

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Wedding Proposal: A Secret Mission for Vancouver Mysteries

If you’re a fan of mystery movies, you know that even the most hard-boiled detectives have a soft spot for romance. That’s why we have a Valentine’s Day Couples Competition each year! So, when we received a call asking for our help with a wedding proposal, everyone at Vancouver Mysteries was eager to jump [...]

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Mystery Nights Saturdays at 7pm

Play Secret Mission at Night You and up to five of your friends can compete against other teams for prizes every Saturday night at 7:00pm. Mystery Nights When: Saturday Nights at 7pm Game: Secret Mission Price: $25/player plus GST How to Book: Sign your team up for a Mystery Night here. Your Mission Is Simple. [...]

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Vancouver Bachelorette Ideas

If you're looking for things to do in Vancouver for a bachelorette or stagette - mission accomplished! Looking for Bachelorette Party Ideas? Take your Vancouver bachelorette scavenger hunt to the next level with a Vancouver Mysteries game How It Works - Meet your undercover Game Operator at a top secret location near Waterfront Station. - [...]

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Give Experiences with Vancouver Mysteries

Give Experiences Instead of Stuff This year, give a gift of mystery! We sell Gift Certificates for urban games of 2 to 5 players ($50-$250) - our certificates don’t expire and instructions for redemption are included on the certificate itself. They can be used to play any of our daily games, our popular mystery nights [...]

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Go to Vancouver Improv and Win a Free Vancouver Mysteries Game

A Killer Combination Vancouver Improv and Vancouver Mysteries Join us for a night of world-renowned Vancouver Improv at Improv Against Humanity: Live & Unsanctioned at The Rio Theatre on Wednesday Oct 21, 2015. The Fictionals' Improv Against Humanity The Fictionals bring the world of Cards Against Humanity to life, chances to win sweet prizes in [...]

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Secret Mission Exposed! Spy Games Daily Vancouver Mysteries

Earlier this year we were thrilled to announce the release of spy game Secret Mission for groups of 6 or more players (private games). Now, we're opening Secret Mission up to groups of all sizes. Spy Games For Any Group Size 2-5 Players: Games every 15 minutes, daily. You can book here. More Than 5 [...]

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