Mystery Towns

A new series on the Mystery Blog, straight from Vancouver Mysteries Headquarters. On no particular schedule, we will be featuring mysterious towns from time to time. Second only to Vancouver Mysteries, we love road trips to mysterious places. Particularly ones that involve Lake Monsters or Sasquatch.

mystery towns chilliwack feature - drawing of seelkee


You have probably heard of the Ogo Pogo  – it has appeared on a postage stamp and a Yu-Gi-Oh! card as well as making appearances in Lake Okanagan as recently as 2019 (see the Global News story with the video here).

But have you heard of Chilliwacks’ Seelkee?

Seelkee [s’í:lhqey] sightings have been reported for hundreds of years in the Chilliwack area. This two-headed snake-like lake monster lived (lives?!) in the bogs and marshes and was featured on a longhouse, with some eye witness accounts reporting that it can even fly.

We’ve been to Chilliwack many times and we’ve never spotted a Seelkee, so we commissioned a drawing from the daughter of Vancouver Mysteries’ owner, the talented 12 year old Lucy Bennett. Have you spotted any mysterious creatures or visited a place we should feature as one of our mystery towns? Please contact us!

Chilliwack (and this mystery blog post) is set in the traditional land of the Ts’elxwéyeqw (Chilliwack) and Pelólhxw (Pilalt) tribes of the Stó:lō people. Read more about Stó:lō  encounters with the s’í:lhqey and see authentic drawings at