Shelby with the Wheel of Mystery at the 2019 BC Clefs D'or Tourism Showcase

Shelby with the Wheel of Mystery at the 2019 BC Clefs D’or Tourism Showcase

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Vancouver?

I grew up in Sherwood Park, a suburb east of Edmonton and (fun fact!) the world’s largest hamlet.  I moved to Vancouver in 2010 to go to film school.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests.

I love games!  Some of my favourite video games through the ages are Chrono Trigger, Lufia 2, The Legend of Zelda series, and Overwatch.  I’m also a tabletop nerd: my favourite D&D character I ever played was a purple-haired, half-elf named Enid after the Barenaked Ladies song.  Fought a lot of kobolds with her.  Oh – and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favourite thing of all the things.  The world-building and storytelling of the Buffyverse inspired me to go to film school so I could tell those kinds of stories myself.  I may or may not be a nerd – draw your own conclusions.

What interested you in working for Vancouver Mysteries?

I love Vancouver and I want people to see why I love it.  The mysteries that we run here at Vancouver Mysteries offer such a creative and interesting way to do that.  They’re challenging and FUN!  I also love making spreadsheets and colour coordinating, so administrating is a good time for me 😉

What are you most excited about in your new position with Vancouver Mysteries?

Getting to know our extremely talented Game Operators, many of whom are working actors in the film industry with excellent stories, and meeting players who get to experience the magic of seeing Vancouver for the first time.

Who’s your favourite fictional detective?

Can I say Angel? Vampire Detective?  He solved a lot of supernatural mysteries and – when he wasn’t soulless and the baddest baddie out there – helped a lot of people.

Who is your favourite crime-solving duo?

Keith and Veronica Mars!  The ultimate father-daughter duo.  Although Keith doesn’t always like (or know!) when Veronica is on the case, he recognizes her brilliance and the two of them have an amazingly loving and respectful dynamic.  Father of the Year!

If you were a detective, what would be your crime-solving gimmick?

I’d pun a lot.  My big reveals would always be annoyingly punny.  Criminals would hate it.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

EAT!  I live on Commercial Drive and there is so much good food from every corner of the world.

Where is your favourite spot in the city?

My backyard! We have this lush fig tree that grows juicy figs the size of your fist, and a plum tree that grows more and more fruit every year.  No lovelier place to sit and relax with a craft beer from one of the nearby breweries while reading some depressing Margaret Atwood novels.

What do you think is the most mysterious spot in the city?

The Narrow Lounge is pretty cool.  I’m a sucker for places that don’t have any signage – you just have to know it’s there.

If a tourist asked you for advice, what would you insist they must do while visiting Vancouver? (Other than a Vancouver Mysteries game, of course!)

Walk around Gastown at night!  It’s beautiful with the lights strung up in the trees and the cobblestone streets give it a really lovely old-timey feel.  There’s a lot of great pubs and neat little shops in the neighbourhood.  Pretty hard to be bored around there.